Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Alice Fredenham wants to win so she can leave her mum & dad’s house!

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Alice Fredenham has admitted that she would love to win Britain’s Got Talent, so that she can buy a house of her own.

The 28 year old beauty therapist is still living with her mum and dad, but after wowing the judges and public alike at her BGT audition recently, she’s hoping that she’ll soon have enough cash to get her own pad. Perhaps because she recently admitted that she hates singing in front of her family.

The brunette beauty impressed the panel with her version of ‘My Funny Valentine’ and Simon Cowell praised her for having a voice like ‘liquid gold.’ There is a prize fund of £500,000 up for grabs for whoever wins the show in June and Alice admitted that she already knows exactly what she’d spend it on. She said:

“I think I’d just do what anyone would do with that sort of money, like buy a house, because it would be lovely to be out of my parents’ house.”

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Fredenham added:

“I love my mum and dad of course but it’d be great to have my own place.”

As well as making Simon Cowell gush and the audience of thousands go so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop, Fredenham’s rendition of the classic tune also made Amanda Holden cry.

She praised the hopeful gushing:

“I have to say that was the most mesmerising, sultry, sexy performance and I fell in
love with you.”

alice fredenham

Alice admitted that she was touched by the mum of two’s reaction to her performance and told us:

“Oh that was so nice! She’s a woman after my own heart; cries at the drop of a hat! It was really touching and I was really pleased with the judges’ reactions.”

Amanda Holden isn’t the only one who enjoyed Alice’s performance and ever since BGT aired on Saturday we have been inundated with messages of support for the contestant.

One reader posted:

“Flawless, amazing and fantastic
This girl really can make a difference to many people especially those who understand pure class
Once she realises this herself she is on her way and her success is guaranteed”

Another said:

“Fabulous. I even put down the newspaper to listen !Good luck, I am sure there is a star in the making here. Quite wonderful.”

A third wrote:

“Alice, please find enough songs for an album now. I can’t wait. Your performance was so powerful it was atomic, and it hit me so hard. Reading the other terrific comments brought tears to my eyes, again. You are better than anything I’ve ever heard. Your talent will take you to the top. Good luck.”

Are you an Alice fan? Watch her performance again and leave your comments below….

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