Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Amanda Holden & David Walliams blast Simon Cowell at London auditions!

David Walliams has admitted that he likes working with Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent but there are some things that irk him about his boss.

David, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and presenters Ant and Dec showed up at the London Palladium last weekend to speak to press before another audition session kicked off but they were hanging around on the red carpet for quite a while before the music mogul joined them and it seems the tardiness did not go unnoticed by the team.

When asked what it is like to work with Si Co by reporters at the venue, the Little Britain star mused:

“He’s a lot of fun, he’s a funny man, the only thing is he doesn’t like starting work until quite late.”

Walliams added:

“He’s probably still in bed now. He won’t be here for a couple of hours, so that’s the only bad thing but when he does come it’s great fun.”

amanda holden_1

Amanda also had some choice words for the TV boss, though she started out by praising the X Factor star saying:

“The good things are he’s naughty, he’s fun, he’s generous, he’s mischievous.”

She added:

“The bad things are he’s always bloody late. Everything starts at four o clock in the afternoon. Some of us have got lives, children.”

When Cowell eventually did make an appearance he admitted that he is determined to keep the ratings for the show high this year, It will once again go head to head with BBC’s The Voice but Simon is ready for the challenge and said:

“People liking the show is important as well but the two kind of go together. You don’t want the figures to go down, you want them to go up and it’s going to be very competitive but I’m used to that.”

simon cowell bgt

He revealed that a return to the UK’s X Factor later in 2013 is unlikely, continuing:

“It’s all to do with timing, it would be impossible to do the English show and the American show together. You’d just be knackered and it wouldn’t work. If the schedule was different then of course I’d come back and do the English show. I miss doing it.”

Simon has had an interesting few days at the BGT auditions it has been revealed and yesterday he was even treated to a sexy lapdance.

Acts that have shone so far this year include Bethan Horton and Andrew Leigh Evans.

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