Britain’s Got Talent 2013: 11 year old Arisxandra Libantino wows panel with ‘One Night Only’ audition!

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Arisxandra Libantino returned for her second shot at finding fame on Britain’s Got Talent this evening and we’d say the little girl is well on her way to musical success.

The 11 year old school girl from Nottingham first tried out for the show two years ago, but didn’t make it to the live rounds and was cut from the televised audition episodes, despite rave reviews coming from audience members who attended her audition.

Perhaps producers wanted to save her for a later series of the show, and tonight the young singer truly shone when she performed again for Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon.

She chose to sing ‘One Night Only’ by Jennifer Hudson, which is a difficult song for even an accomplished adult performer to take on, never mind a pre teen.

However, her vocals were flawless and charming throughout.


The judges LOVED her tryout it’s fair to say and Cowell started the praise, telling Arisxandra that she is truly ‘super human.’ The normally slightly grumpy star insisted that Libantino had given ‘one of the best auditions we’ve had so far.’

Amanda was a fan also and told the youngster that she’d ‘lifted the roof off the the building’ with her ‘incredible’ performance.

David thinks the Arisxandra will go on to become one of the most memorable contestants ever to come from the show and insisted that one day, she will be ‘bigger than Beyonce or something.’ He added:

‘You completely owned it! When you are a big star, just remember us…the little people.’

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Unsurprisingly all four judges voted yes, to send Libantino to the next round.

Did you enjoy Arisxandra’s performance tonight? Do you think she deserves a place on the live shows? Leave your comments below…..

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