Britain’s Got Talent 2013: David Walliams admits Simon Cowell likes to go commando! Eugh!

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David Walliams has revealed that he knows way too much about what’s happening beneath Simon Cowell’s trousers.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge has confirmed that the music mogul frequently likes to go commando and let it all hang freely under his incredibly high waisted jeans.

The Little Britain star and his fellow judge Amanda Holden were taking part in an interview with Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, when they told the nation about Cowell’s underwear habits.

David declared:

“Simon doesn’t wear underwear”

Amanda added: “He goes commando, all the time.”


She refused to shed any light on how she knows this and simply giggled:

“I can’t reveal how we discovered this.

“Maybe because he has such a busy life and he doesn’t have time to put them on or take them off. Perhaps he should get someone to do that for him.”

We sure Sinitta would be willing to take the job right?

Simon Cowell decided to turn the tables at this point and revealed that Walliams wasn’t whiter than white himself.

david walliams, simon cowell

In fact, it seems that the comedian and author has a bit of a thing about Alesha Dixon and likes to look at pictures of her in her smalls online.

Cowell teased:

“We had an embarrassing thing on Google. You know sometimes you can look at people’s Google history? Well, we looked at David’s laptop and we found the words ‘Alesha Dixon’ ‘Strictly’ and ‘lingerie’.”

But Walliams, who is married and soon to become a dad for the first time blamed Simon for everything and insisted:

“This is his sick sense of humour. Simon made me Google it on my phone, then he pretended he was no part of it.”

We could totally see how that would happen. Alesha does seem more Simon’s type.

Walliams is known for his risqué jokes and his smutty humour on the ITV show and he revealed that only the tamest comments are shown on the final cut.

David confessed that he is much more suggestive and raunchy when filming the live auditions and told The Daily Mail:

‘The great thing about this programme is that no one has ever asked me to be anything other than myself. It’s a tricky one because a lot of it isn’t suitable for a family audience, yet there’s a studio audience that needs to be entertained while we’re filming. So yes, a lot of it doesn’t make it out on air. It can’t on a family show.’

Having been to a few of the auditions ourselves, we can confirm that David is a total dirt bird…….but he’s such a loveable one wouldn’t you agree? Leave your comments below…..

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