Britain’s Got Talent 2013: David Walliams banned from Simon Cowell’s plane over mile high club fears!

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Amanda Holden has revealed that Simon Cowell wouldn’t allow David Walliams to join him and his fellow Britain’s Got Talent judges on a private jet this week.

Amanda, Simon and Alesha Dixon all flew from London to Glasgow in a luxury airplane earlier this week but poor old David had to make his own way to Scotland for the latest round of auditions.

While the trio of stars travelled in style to the tryouts, David took the train and Holden joked that it was because Walliams suggested he and Cowell could join the mile high club if they flew together.

She tweeted:

“David’s banned in case he tries to make Simon join #themilehighclub !!! Xx”

The mum of two then messaged the Little Britain star saying:

david walliams dog

“@davidwalliams. Alesha and I safely landed with your Simon!! #bitjellyboots?”

Simon told him:

“I was sorry you didn’t come up on the plane with us but we had more fun without you.”

It sounds like Holden had a hoot anyway and she tweeted former Strictly Come Dancing star Dixon, teasing:

“@AleshaOfficial fasten your seat belt!! I am going into the cockpit!!” Hahahahahahaha!!!! :)”

Thankfully David definitely got his own back on his boss once the auditions began and he spent the whole day making jokes about Cowell’s love life and single status.

The serial womaniser is single at the minute, though he has been spotted hanging out with Baywatch babe Carmen Electra a few times recently. Walliams teased his inability to hold onto a woman and when the music mogul criticised an act, telling them they sounded like a typical wedding band, Walliams quipped:

“Certainly not your wedding.

“You have to go out with someone longer than 15 minutes.”

Simon told David off and asked him to stop interrupting him, at which point the dad to be bent over the judges’ table and asked his boss to spank him. Unfortunately he refused.

simon cowell lap dance

Walliams later tweeted:

“Extremely disappointed he didn’t…”

Aren’t you just loving the BGT banter this year? Watch David’s lapdance for Simon and leave your comments below…

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