Britain’s Got Talent 2013: David Walliams fears he’ll do “a little wee” when he sees Simon Cowell & hilarious scene from Blandings is released

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Awwww David Walliams is like an excited little puppy who knows his master is coming home soon. For the last few days almost everything the comic has been talking about is that the Britain’s Got Talent auditions are starting this week. In fact they are starting tomorrow.

David told his followers recently:

“When I see my Simon at the BGT auditions in Cardiff next Wednesday I don’t know whether I am going to laugh or cry or wee myself a little… Probably all three.”

When asked why he wasn’t on holiday with Simon on his yacht David joked:

“I like to stay below deck in my Simon’s cabin.”

He then asked his fans to “Please cheer the loudest when I come on” at the BGT auditions, as “Simon HATES that!”

Yesterday he told the music mogul:

simon-cowell-david -walliams-jonathan-ross

“Only 48 hours until we are back together my love…”

Aw, true love reunited, wonderful.

David will be back on our screens this Sunday, in what looks like a wonderful part in Woodehouse comedy Blandings. The actor will be starring as nit picking Rupert Baxter. You can see a great scene here.

David, whom we are told enjoyed a whistle stop trip through Asia the last few weeks, recently said he feared being a judge would harm his career as an actor. He explained:

‘When I did BGT, I was concerned that once you’ve appeared as yourself in such a major way, it might be hard to go back to acting, actors should have some mystery about them and it’s hard to accept them in roles when you know too much about them.’

He added:

‘I adore P. G. Wodehouse. I have loved him since first reading Jeeves And Wooster when Fry and Laurie played them on the TV. Even then, I realised that Wodehouse was a comic master. As soon as I got the call about this, I was desperate to do it.”

And we are glad he did, as we couldn’t imagine anyone else doing this scene.

This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

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