Britain’s Got Talent 2013: David Walliams on hair-flick fun with PM David Cameron while of Simon Cowell, he says, “I want my Simon to be settled with a nice lady soon!”

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Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams has revealed that when he’s told not to do something, he automatically does it, so when Prime Minister David Cameron asked him NOT to flick his hair – as per the actions of David’s Little Britain character Sebastian – David promptly flicked it!

However, it seems the PM took it with good humour, but by way of an apology, David offered to stand on a lower step during a photo shoot with the PM so as to make Cameron look taller.

Speaking to The Sun’s TV Biz, David said, “I was at No10 with Cameron talking about a hunger campaign with 100 children.

“Because I’m taller than him, I offered to stand on a lower step so we wouldn’t look odd together — he’s a tall man but I’m ridiculously tall.

“He’s the Prime Minister so he should be the one who is most powerful-looking.”

David added, “He told me not to flick my hair like my character Sebastian in Little Britain, who flirted with the PM relentlessly.

“And, of course, I immediately did it. It’s almost like I’ve got Tourette’s. When I’m told not to do something, I have to do it.”

And of that proclivity, David remarked, “Just before the [BGT] final, I was told to leave off the gay stuff — not by Simon, but by the Topshop boss Sir Philip Green.

“I then immediately camped it up.”

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Dad of one David added, “The amount of fun we have is brilliant. You can’t fake the chemistry.

“Ant and Dec are so in control, Simon and I have such fun together, I get to sit next to the beautiful Alesha, Amanda’s got such a naughty sense of humour.

“There’s one big ego on that show but even that can be pricked. Simon’s brilliant fun.

“People think of him as being serious and pompous but he’s really not and he doesn’t take himself seriously.”

And finally, on the subject of when – if ever – Simon should settle down and get married, David remarked, “He’s got a very healthy attitude to life but he needs to get married or settle down soon…

“Otherwise he is going to become Peter Stringfellow.

“I know lots of men would like to be Peter Stringfellow but I want my Simon to be happy and settled with a nice lady soon.”

Here’s a reminder of Simon’s wedding skit for this year’s Comic Relief…

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