Britain’s Got Talent 2013: David Walliams is scared his baby might look like Simon Cowell!

by Lisa McGarry

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In an interview with the Daily Mirror today, to promote the Great ­Barclaycard Toyshop for Great Ormond Street Hospital, David Walliams declared his unweathering adoration for the love of his life … Simon Cowell!! His love for the music mogul is so strong that David even declared:

“I’m really looking forward to being a dad, the whole experience. I’m looking forward to seeing the baby for the first time, seeing this little person who’s a mixture of you and the person you really love. But hopefully it will look like Lara and not Simon Cowell.”

We don’t really want to know how that could even happen, but as long as they’re happy, eh?

David revealed one of the reasons why he loves Simon so much, saying that working with the music mogul has given him a “new lease of life”. He joked about the new series:

“The most important thing is that me and Simon get engaged next series. Actually the most important thing is we find really talented people, because with those shows no matter how much amusement the judges are providing, or how fantastic [show hosts] Ant and Dec are being, you need to find someone at the end of it who’s going to have a career afterwards.”


“Those shows require a lot of a viewer’s time so at the end someone’s got to have won something.”

“At least on Britain’s Got Talent you win half a million pounds, which isn’t bad, is it? I think Simon should make it a million, round it up.”

“Britain’s Got Talent gave me a whole new lease of life where people could see me as myself. It was nice to be me rather than a character in a sketch and it seemed to work, especially my relationship with Simon, seeing him laugh. We found some really great talent too. I’d come from doing sketches wearing wigs and make-up, and people don’t really get to know you. But when you’ve not got a script, people start to see you as you. And it’s a different kind of audience. Britain’s Got Talent is much more of a family audience, so I felt like it was a reinvention for me.”

David also talked about the TV version of his books Mr Stink, starring Hugh Bonneville and Pudsey, which will be shown on TV this Sunday at 6:30, working on his comedy upcoming comedy drama and his desire to create a new sketch show.

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He revealed his work for Great Ormond Street Hospital is particularly emotional now he’s preparing to become a dad.

He said:

“I’ve visited Great Ormond Street Hospital before, especially around Christmas time when I’ve delivered presents to the kids there and just tried to spread some happiness, because at Christmas your thoughts are always brought round to people less fortunate than yourself.”

“I think it might be even more poignant now I’m about to become a father myself, but I’m also already an uncle.”

“I’ve found the hardest thing when I was going round with presents was that I was there trying to cheer up the kids but I struggled to not get upset myself when I walked into the room.”

Stardust European premiere - London

“I just love kids so much anyway. Obviously you’d hate anything to happen to them, even if they get a cold you feel terribly sad and the thought of them being really seriously ill is just awful.”

“We’re lucky to have Great Ormond Street Hospital, which is famous around the world for what they do there.
“When a child is in hospital and too sick to go home for Christmas it’s just impossibly sad.”

The fact that this interview comes on the day that horrible people decided to rob some of these children’s Christmas presents is a sad irony.

This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

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