Britain’s Got Talent 2013: David Walliams reunited with the Showbears ahead of BGT auditions on Saturday!

by Lynn Rowlands

BGT (2)

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Another eventful Britain’s Got Talent audition day on Saturday. David Walliams had kicked off the audition weekend a little earlier than most, by arriving on Friday for a little BGT reunion.

He met up with his favourite contestants (except for Pudsey) from the last series: The Showbears. Telling his followers: “Re-united with the Showbears at Velvet in Manchester…! If you are ever in Manchester go to the Richmond Tea Rooms. The Showbears took me there. Best tea and cakes and brilliantly camp decor… x”

He also told that he was really looking forward to the Manchester auditions: “BGT 2013. Manchester here we come…! All my favourite bands come from the North, there is so much talent up here, let’s find a winner!”

As has become tradition by now he was also the first to arrive at the auditions, striding the red carpet in style, while kissing cute dogs that were held up to him.

Simon Cowell was in a good mood and not as late as usual. He met up with fans and took some nice pictures with them and even gave a kiss. (Both he and David have very soft hands and smell similar, according to fans, if you were interested.)

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Auditions went by swiftly, with Simon developing a new quirk: a make up touch up after every act. David entertained the audience with explaining the “Queens Wave” and the difference in waving, and did some fun poses.

The acts had a good standard, though a comedian got on everyone’s wrong side after Stephen Mulhern had dared him to call David a “douche”, a bit unnecessary and angering the audience.

Today a fan told David: “I got pissed off at that guy who called @davidwalliams a douche yesterday” To which a still stunned David replied: “Thanks. It was a strange way to start his act!”

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David told a jugular: “You must have spent a lot of time at home playing with your balls to do that.”

While Amanda Holden asked after another performamce: “If Simon Cowell were a tree what kind of tree would he be?” David couldn’t help himself: “Well… he’s definitely got wood.”

There was also a sweet stunt dog that David walked to the stage (he was rather busy), a cute wee dance group, DTS, MD, Ratface and a tiny One Direction tribute. Very popular was the band Sour Cherry Songs and singer Jordan OKeefe. But let’s end with David Walliams highlight: “Amazing first day in Manchester for BGT. My favourite was a song about Chinese food… (Obviously).”

Yes, Manchester will remember “egg fried rice and chicken balls” well into the future.

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