Britain’s Got Talent 2013: “Jeering mob” ejected by security after unleashing fury at Simon Cowell for not putting duo The Elite through! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Rowlands

the elite Jenna Milroy, Jay Fitzpatrick

It’s been revealed today that the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Glasgow descended into chaos after Simon Cowell cast his deciding vote on young duo wannabes The Elite – who are singer Jenna Milroy and guitarist Jay Fitzpatrick – and he gave them a no…

And that’s when things kicked off royally apparently as the audience chanted “Bring back The Elite!” and a “jeering 50-strong mob” then gathered in the foyer of the auditions venue, all lived at Simon’s decision.

The Daily Mirror exclusively reports that after Jenna and Jay performed, the audience cheered when judges David Walliams and Alesha Dixon gave the teens a ‘yes’, but then Amanda Holden said she didn’t think they were up to the standard required, and gave them a ‘no’ as did Simon.

The paper adds, “The audience was outraged and fury erupted after the teenagers left the stage in despair.”

Guitarist Jay said, “The crowd went crazy – everyone started to roar ‘Bring back The Elite’ and started booing Simon.

“Later, people were running around going mental.

“That’s when the bouncers began to throw out the crowd that had gathered in the foyer on our side of the arena.

“They were going berserk. All these shouting people eventually got dispersed by the bouncers.”

BGT (3)-2

Audience member Helen Doig told the paper, “Everyone started to get really angry because they seemed to love The Elite a lot.”

After the debacle, BGT’s Facebook page was inundated with complaints about the decision not to put The Elite through, and Jenna’s dad, Bobby Milroy, said the teens had “performed brilliantly and behaved impeccably in extraordinary circumstances”.

A BGT spokeswoman said, “The crowd were keen for The Elite to go through but it’s up to the judges.

“People were asked to leave because we needed space to load up for the next session.”

Yikes! Here’s a look at The Elite at their BGT audition…

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