Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Kelly Fox brings the house down with Kiss My Ass!

kelly fox SANDRA BROADBENT bgt2

We love a sassy singer and we have never seen one quite like Kelly Fox before now.

The 71 year old singer closed tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent but when she first came to the stage, we were expecting her to wing a sweet war time classic for the judges.

Before performing she explained:

I like to put a smile on people’s faces and I am hoping that I will get to the end of my song and people will be singing it with me.

I think the royal family are absolutely fantastic and it would be an honour to perform in front of the queen. One pensioner in front of the other.

I have always sang from a very young age and BGT for me is my life chance, to get through would make me really happy. Something to think about in my rocking chair.

kelly fox SANDRA BROADBENT bgt1

However Kelly is no sweet little Grandma and she shocked us, the judges and the Cardiff audience alike with her feisty version of ‘Kiss My Ass’ by the All Purpose Blues Band.

After an afternoon of terrible auditionees, even Simon Cowell was impressed and David Walliams looked shocked as he saw his boss singing along and even kissing Amanda Holden’s bum as he went along with the vibe of the song.

After the performance David praised Kelly’s ‘fantastic’ singing and thanked her for putting a smile on Cowell’s face.

Simon declared that the grandmother was an ‘inspiration’ to other performance and told Fox that he totally ‘loved’ her performance. He laughed:

“You’re like a little tiger aren’t you. I love the song and I’m going to remember you. I
think you’re terrific.”

Alesha Dixon told Kelly that she is an ‘amazing woman’ and continued:

kelly fox SANDRA BROADBENT bgt

“You’ve got soul, you’ve got fire in your belly and every woman needs that song in their life. Every woman! It was so empowering and you do it with such a smile
and you’re joyful. I love you.”

Amanda Holden raved about the pensioner’s sex appeal, her energy, her aggression and her feisty performing style.

She also looked a little chuffed that Simon had kissed her bum.

Unsurprisingly, all four judges voted to send Kelly through to the next round and she’s well on her way to the live shows. Do you think she could win BGT? Did you enjoy the performance? Leave your comments below…

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