Britain’s Got Talent 2013 review: Simon Cowell has bizarre gift for David Walliams and stays up till 7 in the morning on the first day of auditions (pictures)

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So the Britain’s Got Talent auditions started in Cardiff yesterday and it looks like the behaviour pattern of the judges is repeating itself.

David Walliams who had joked on his Twitter that he would probably be the first to arrive was as good as his word, as he turned up long before the others, taking his time with all the fans, taking pictures, having a little talk. He also spent a lot of his time cooing over a delightful guide dog , even tickling its cute belly.

The girls – Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon – couldn’t spent much time outside, dressed as they were in next to nothing. Maybe they should splash out on some very pretty coats next year and tweet pictures of their dresses inside, because one day they will end up with hypothermia. They did look beautiful though.

Meanwhile there was no sign of Mr Cowell until much later. He eventually appeared himself, with thick dark sunglasses on. Simon revealed he had been up till 7 in the morning, so the glasses were necessary. It didn’t do much good for his mood, though, as he was in grump for most of the day.

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The music mogul did find time to stroke the dog as well and give a rather bizarre gift to David Walliams and the Little Britain star was the unlucky recipient of Nads Nose Wax to remove nasal hair as a ‘welcome back’ present at BGT.

This, for David kicked of a new year of “bullying” Simon but after that he deserved everything he got. David teased the audience he and Simon had adjoining rooms and purposely dropped as many “my Simons” as he could. He showed no sympathy for the judge’s lack of sleep, well why should he? He had a jetlag himself, arriving from Australia only the night before, but unlike Simon it didn’t harm his performance.

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Simon still doesn’t seem to realise that singers is not what people want out of BGT, as sadly 98% of the acts WERE singers. Andrew Leigh Evans was one of the singers liked by David, Alesha and Amanda as were the E3 Brothers.

A shock act was a 72 -year-old granny singing “kiss my ass”, sadly no-one obliged. Then there was comedy singer Rabs who greatly impressed David with his witty lyrics.

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The main feeling on Twitter about the auditions was that most of the acts were poor, but that David Walliams was ace as he once more kept the mood high throughout a long day, and continued to keep the audience entertained.

This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

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