Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Simon Cowell tells Amanda Holden & David Walliams to stop moaning about his late arrivals!

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Simon Cowell has defended himself against his fellow Britain’s Got Talent judges.

The music mogul has been slated in recent weeks for arriving late to the nationwide auditions, as he has sometimes made his colleagues wait for hours while he got ready at his leisure.

Amanda Holden recently slated the TV boss for his tardiness saying:

“I have to take a deep breath each year before we go into it because we work extraordinarily long hours, mainly because of Simon…

“If he started at 10am like the rest of us, rather than one or two o’clock in the afternoon, then we’d all finish by 8pm.

“But we don’t, we all finish at around midnight.”

David Walliams revealed that he loves working with his Simon but admitted that the bad time keeping does annoy him sometimes. He said:

“He’s a lot of fun, he’s a funny man, the only thing is he doesn’t like starting work until quite late.”

david simon

“He’s probably still in bed now. He won’t be here for a couple of hours, so that’s the only bad thing but when he does come it’s great fun.”

However, after he was very late again yesterday when BGT hit Glasgow, despite the fact that fans of the show and audience members had been waiting outside in the freezing temperatures and rain, Cowell was unrepentant and hit back at his fellow judges telling The Mirror:

“I have to work late. I work until about five or six in the morning because my hours are a bit different.

“But you know what it is. If they don’t like it they can go and get another job.”

The judges may have to be more careful about what they say about him in future, but Twitter users don’t and yesterday one audience member furiously messaged Cowell about his treatment of the crowd, tweeting:

BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT  2013 Auditions - Cardiff Image EMBARGOED UNTIL 00:01 Friday 18th January 2013

“@SimonCowell your shows a disgrace were all standing outside in the pouring rain outside the SECC centre in Glasgow GET IT SORTED. #BGT”

Another wrote:

“@SimonCowell Where are you?? We’r waiting in glasgow in the pouring rain!!! #rude #hurryup”

What do you think of Simon’s behaviour? Is it justified? Leave your comments below…

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