Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Simon Cowell thinks he can beat The Voice again

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Simon Cowell has insisted that he is ready to take on the BBC once again later this year.

The music mogul will once again see his hit show Britain’s Got Talent going head to head with singing show The Voice when both series start in the spring and he has admitted that he is expecting the rivalry between the two juggernauts to be as strong as ever.

Speaking at London Palladium this week, just before starting yet another audition session, the TV boss said:

“They’ll be very competitive.”

He insisted that the competition is driving him on to make his show better and better and to bring the talent that people will want to tune in for. Simon continued:

“I don’t take anything for granted, ever. It will always rest on how good the talent is on the shows.”

Last year The Voice started out strong, beating BGT in the rating figures week ater week, however it all changed once it’s live rounds began and viewers began slipping away.


In contrast, fans loved the dynamic between Cowell and fellow judge David Walliams and it’s series grew and grew as the live rounds continued.

Simon says people were too quick to write them off, adding:

“Everyone kind of predicted doom and gloom and then the word of mouth spreads and in the end we beat them.

“We push these producers like crazy to try and make a better show than we did the year before, but it actually will rest on how good the talent is or how bad it is.”


The auditions for Britain’s Got Talent continue throughout this month, after wrapping up in London yesterday. It sounds like the judges are at least enjoying themselves, especially David Walliams who has been spoon feeding ‘his’ Simon, giving him lapdances and admonishing him for his poor time keeping.

Alesha Dixon is glad to be back at work too and she tweeted this week saying:

“Very excited about the London auditions today! “Let’s really go!!!!” 🙂 xxx”

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