Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Simon Cowell wants a dancing cat – Ant & Dec reveal animals make him ‘melt’

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Simon Cowell has revealed what sort of act he’s love to see on Britain’s Got Talent this year.

The music mogul braved the snow and made his way to London Palladium last weekend to watch the latest batch of wannabes trying out for the ITV show and speaking to Unreality TV after arriving very late for the event, he admitted that he’d love to see another animal act triumphing in 2013.

Ashleigh Butler and her incredibly talented dog Pudsey won last year but Simon would like to see a cat following in their footsteps. He said:

“A dancing cat. No one has ever done it, it’s obvious.”

If you are thinking of trying out for the show, then the TV boss had some words of advice. He’d say don’t bother if you’re a gymnast for a start and explained:

BGT (3)

“I’m not mental about gymnasts and all that kind of stuff.”

Cowell added:

“I think you have got to be original, not copy what you’ve seen before. That’s what works on this show.”

Bearing all this in mind, Ant and Dec were asked what they think is the way to Si Co’s heart and without a doubt, they think animals have a better chance than humans.

The Geordie duo say Cowell ‘melts’ when he sees a dog, cat or cute non human on stage and Dec laughed:

“Animals, that is the way to do it.”

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“Dogs, dogs mainly. It was a bit of a lifetime ambition for him to find a dog as talented as Pudsey. Whenever there is a dancing dog or cute animal on stage he just kind of melts and goes back to being a nine year old boy.”

What sort of act would you like to see winning Britain’s Got Talent this year? Acts that have shone and made it past the judges so far this year include Bethan Horton and Andrew Leigh Evans.

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