Britain’s Got Talent 2013: Singer Andrew Leigh Evans made Amanda Holden cry at Cardiff auditions! *SPOILERS*

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Andrew Leigh Evans was one of the stand out acts at yesterday’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions, so much so that he moved one of the judges to tears.

Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, Simon Cowell and David Walliams rocked up to Cardiff for the first judges auditions of 2013 and they spent the day watching hopeful singers, dancers and comedians in the hope that they would discover some out of this world talent for the new series of the ITV reality TV show.

It seems that some contestants impressed more than others and although newspapers reported that Simon Cowell was unimpressed with many of the hopefuls and binned ten acts in a row at the tryouts, one at least was good enough to move Holden to tears.

Andrew sang for the panel yesterday afternoon and afterwards he tweeted Amanda saying:


“@Amanda_Holden I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I do apologise for making you cry today in my audition! I felt real bad!”

Holden responded to the teenage singer saying:

“@AndrewCanWait it was a beautiful audition! Good luck and little kiss to your baby Evie! ( See I don’t forget anything!!)”

It seems that Simon was a fan of Andrew’s too and despite being in quite a critical mood, had some positive critique for the singer.

Andrew tweeted the music mogul saying:

simon cowell bgt

“@SimonCowell Thank you for your time today and the positive comments!”

He messaged Alesha too, writing:

“@AleshaOfficial Thank you for your comments on my audition today, meant so much!”

And we don’t know what David Walliams said but it couldn’t have been anything bad as Evans continued:

“@davidwalliams Your comments on my performance made my day!”

He addded:

“Has such an incredible time at @GotTalent today! My song went down really well! Thanks guys! #britainsgottalent”

Listen to Andrew singing and tell us what you think. Is he good enough for the live shows? Leave your comments below…

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