Britain’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers: Final 45 acts finally revealed – Gabz, Aaron Crow, Attraction, Luminites, Alex Keirl,


After thousands of hopefuls applied and scores were featured on the ITV audition shows, tonight on Britain’s Got Talent the judges finally revealed which 45 lucky acts have won a place on the live shows, which begin tomorrow night.

The live semi-finals kick off on Monday evening, on ITV1 and all 45 singers, dancers, entertainers and comedians stand a chance of scooping the £250,000 prize money and the chance to perform on the Royal Variety Show later this year.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon were seen deliberating over their list of 200 wannabes this evening, but after some rows and disagreements they finally decided on the best 45 of the bunch and this year’s finalists are revealed below….

NAME – Aaron Crow
AGE- 44
FROM- Belgium
TALENT – Magician/Illusionist
JUDGES VOTE – 4 yeses


Aaron has been working and touring as a professional magician and illusionist for more than a decade and during his first audition, he wowed and scared the panel with his silent acts which saw him pouring hot wax in his eyes, blindfolding himself and proceeding to chop a pineapple which was balancing on Ant McPartlin’s head. Simon Cowell wants something ‘more dangerous’ from him in the live shows.

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NAME – AJ & Chloe
AGE- 17 & 18
FROM- Shropshire
TALENT – Dancers

Champion dancers AJ & Chloe wowed the panel with their sultry routine at their audition and they revealed that they have been partners and competing with one another for six years. They have picked up various medals and trophies for their routines and hope to add the BGT winner’s title to the list.

alex keirl bgt

NAME – Alex Keirl
AGE- 20
FROM- Cheshire
TALENT – Singer

Alex is a music student who suffered badly at the hands of bullies during his younger years and still lives at home with his parents, as he pursues his music dreams. He wowed the panel and won four yeses when he auditioned recently with the song Bring Him Home from Les Miserables. David Walliams was a big fan of his voice, though Simon thought the key may have been too high.

alice fredenham 2

NAME – Alice Fredenham
AGE- 28
FROM- Hertfordshire
TALENT – Singer

Alice failed to make it on The Voice but she could see her dreams come true on britain’s Got Talent. Her sultry singing style greatly impressed the BGT judges and they loved her rendition of My Funny Valentine, with Simon describing her vocals as ‘liquid gold’.

Aliki Chrysochou bgt

NAME – Aliki
FROM- Cyprus/Bristol
TALENT – Singer

Aliki battled Focal Encephalitis to pursue her musical dreams and the judges were wowed when they heard how far she had come since her life threatening illness just a few years ago. She had to be fed, bathed and looked aftre 24/7 at the height of her health problems but she proved that she’s a strong woman, with her emotional performance of Bring Me To Life by Evanesence at her tryout. The judges awarded Aliki with four yeses and raved about her bravery.

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NAME – Arisxandra Libantino
AGE- 11
FROM- Nottingham
TALENT – Singer

This tiny singer stunned the panel with her accomplished rendition of One Night Only, even though some viewers felt it was an inappropriate song choice for a child. The stunning little crooner began singing at the age of 4 in front of the mirror, it was then her mum and dad realised her amazing talent. The family have revealed that if their talented daughter wins BGT, they will use the prize money to pay off their mountain of debts.

Asanda Jezile Thames TV Syco

NAME – Asanda Jezile
AGE- 11
FROM- Thamesmead, London
TALENT – Singer

Asanda comes from a very musical family and her dad has plenty of West End and stage experience, having starred in The Lion King in London for nine years. She sees herself as ‘a mini diva’ and is inspired by Rihanna, Beyoncé and Willow Smith. She sang Rihanna’s Diamonds and shocked judges with her fantastic voice and stage presence at her audition. Alesha labelled her ‘a little super star.’

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NAME – Attraction
FROM- Hungary
TALENT – Shadow Dancers

Attraction seem to be the ones to beat on this year’s BGT series and have been bookies favourite to win, ever since their audition went out in April. The Hungarian dancers moved Amanda Holden to tears with their emotional shadow dancing, which told a moving love story from birth to death. They have promised to bring just as much feeling to their next performance on the live shows.

band of voices bgt

NAME – Band of Voices
AGE- 27-47
FROM- South London/Hertfordshire
TALENT – Singers

Band of Voices were a big hit with the judges and with the public when they performed Jessie J’s Price Tag and then a rendition of God Save The Queen recently. They are made up of a group of very experienced singers, two of whom have previously appeared on BGT and The X Factor as backing singers and vocal coaches.


NAME – Bosom Buddies
AGE- 29, 48
FROM- Manchester
TALENT – Singers

Bosom Buddies Mark (48) & Stuart (29) have been performing their camp routine together for 18 months and while the judges were expecting some camp but underwhelming act when they first took to the stage, the pair with their performance of La Vie en Rose –by Edith Piaf and got 4 big yeses.

CEO Dancers bgt

NAME – CEO Dancers
AGE- 22-24
FROM- London
TALENT – Dancers

CEO Dancers – Ezinne, Soliat and Nqobile – have been dancing together for 2 and a half years and David Walliams loved their booty themed African vibed performance recently. He’s hoping to see more of their own brand of shaking and gyrating on the lives this week.

chasing the dream bgt

NAME – Chasing The Dream
AGE- 40 and 50
FROM- London
TALENT – Musical Act

Danny (Composer) and Pete (Director) met over 10 years ago and have been writing their musical Chasing The Dream since January 2012. They were joined by the cast of their show on stage on tonight’s show, who showcased one of the biggest numbers from the production.

Club Town Freaks (1)

NAME – Club Town Freaks
AGE- 25 – 38
FROM- Manchester
TALENT – Singers/Dancers

Club Town Freaks – Kimberley, Christopher, Jordan and Nazene – met 5 years ago when they were working at a bar in Manchester. David, Alesha and Amanda loved their crazy audition when they took to the stage at tryouts recently but they may have a battle on their hands over Simon Cowell as he wasn’t a fan of their outrageous costumes and crazy dancing the first time round.

The Duelling Pianos bgt

NAME – Duelling Pianos
AGE- 42 and 55
FROM- Leeds
TALENT – Piano players
JUDGES VOTE- 3 yeses. Simon – No

Rob and Craig’s piano duet was a big hit with 3/4 of the panel when they auditioned for BGT recently and though they started off badly and got three buzzes from the panel in the end Amanda and Alesha took back theirs and voted yes along with David Walliams, so they only have Simon left to impress.

francine lewis

NAME – Francine Lewis
AGE- 37
FROM- Essex
TALENT – Impressionist
JUDGES VOTE – 4 yeses

When Francine has been doing impressions and impersonations since she was a young child and came close to hitting the big time on various occasions, before she took time out from her career to raise her two young children. She had all of the judges rolling about with laughter when she took on Amy Childs, Stacy Solomon, Katie Price and Cheryl Cole at her audition and has promised some new and hilarious impersonations for the live shows.

freelusion bgt

NAME – Freelusion
FROM- Hungary
TALENT – Interactive 3D dancers
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

Freelusion – Timea, Lajos, Viktor and Laszlo – were only just featured on BGT for the first time this evening, but they have been in the game a long time and revealed that they have been researching the technology of 3D dancing for 10 years, and have been performing for 2. At their audition they impressed the judges with Simon saying it was like ‘looking 10 years into the future’.

gabz bgt

NAME – Gabrielle (Gabz) Gardiner
AGE- 13
FROM- Stevenage
TALENT – Singer/Song Writer
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

Gabz is another newcomer to BGT, having just performed on tonight’s final audition episode. The talented teenager has been singing for ten years though and has been writing her own music for four. She loves music and plays 5 instruments. She got the judges singing along with her when she performed her original and catchy song ‘The One’ at her audition.


NAME – Gospel Singers Incognito
AGE- 17-43
FROM- London and Luton
TALENT – Singers
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

Gospel Singers Incognito have been singing individually for decades, however they came together quite recently and one of their first high profile gifs was at Katie Price’s wedding to Keiran Haylor. At their first audition the gospel choir surprised the panel when they emerged from the audience and balconies to perform I Open My Mouth to The Lord and got 4 massive yeses from the judges.

jack cormac

NAME – Jack and Cormac
AGE- 13 & 14
FROM- County Meath, Ireland
TALENT – Singers
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

Jack and Cormac are the cutest thing to grace the BGT stage since Ronan Parke. Both lads hail from small towns in Ireland and met at school, when they entered a talent show with one another. The village where Cormac lives only has 3 houses. At their audition they performed an acoustic version of Little Talks and got 4 big yeses from the judges, as Simon admitted that he liked the fact they have their own identity and choose their own songs.

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NAME – Jack Carroll
AGE- 14
FROM- Halifax, Yorkshire
TALENT – Comedian
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

Jack has been writing and performing stand-up comedy for the past three years. He suffers from Cerebral-Palsy but has a hugely positive outlook on life. Jack wants to break down any stigmas related to disability through his comedy. He won the Pride of Britain award for ‘Teenager of Courage’ in 2012. At his audition Jack’s stand-up comedy performance had the judges in hysterics from beginning to end and received four yeses.

James More bgt 1

NAME – James More
AGE- 24
FROM- London
TALENT – Magician
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

James More has been working professionally as a magician and illusionist for 7 years, and he adores what he does for a living. He first tried his hands at some tricks at the tender age of 8 when he made-up his own show using a shoe box. He wowed the judges at his audition with his dangerous illusion act, where he was seen impaling himself on a sword. Simon Cowell admitted that he loved the danger element.

jordan o'keefe bgt

NAME – Jordan O’Keefe
AGE- 18
FROM- Londonderry, Northern Ireland
TALENT – Singer
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

Jordan was a big hit with the girls when he first tried out for BGT but it’s been along journey to fame for the hopeful singer. He first started playing guitar when he was 10 and previously tried out but was rejected from The X Factor in 2010. He went to college to study music but his dad changed his course to Business. At his audition he impressed all of the judges with his acoustic performance of One Direction’s Little Things and he later revealed that he was once pals with 1D star Niall Horan after meeting him at The X Factor in Dublin.

joseph hall bgt

NAME – Joseph Hall
AGE- 36
FROM- Nottingham
TALENT – Dancer
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

Joseph owns his own dance studio and as well as coaching young performers, he also continues to brush up and perfect his own dancing and routines. He captivated the judges when he performed a routine of old and contemporary dance at his first audition and got four yeses for the next round.

j-unity bgt1

NAME – J Unity
AGE- 19
FROM- London
TALENT – Singers
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

Funny twins Jerome and Jamal are twins and their humorous routine impressed the panel at their audition recently. The twin brothers sang their own quirky version of Labrinth’s Express Yourself and got four yeses from the judges with Simon telling them he felt they had ‘come along at the right time.’


NAME – Luminities
AGE- 18- 21
FROM- Essex
TALENT – Singers
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

The Luminites, from Essex were a big hit with the public and panel alike after their were showcased on BGT recently. At their audition they impressed the judges with their contemporary version of the song Hurt so Good by Susan Cadogan which Simon labelled ‘genius’. They have quickly become among the top four acts who bookies are backing to win next week.

maarty broekman bgt

NAME – Maarty Broekman
AGE- 23
FROM- Bloemendaal (lives in London)
TALENT – Singer
JUDGES VOTE- 3 yeses. Simon – No

Maarty is from the Netherlands but don’t tell the queen and he considers himself almost British after he moved to London a year ago. He loves the 80s music and fashion and has even taught himself to play the keytar, so dedicated is he to the era. His enthusiastic audition where he sang his own song ‘Backdoor Lover’ impressed three of the judges, but failed to get a yes from Simon.

Martin and Marielle

NAME – Martin and Marielle
AGE-32 and 36
FROM- Netherlands
TALENT – Dancers
JUDGES VOTE- 4 yeses

Martin and Marielle have both featured in reality TV shows in their own country but they were keen to make their act international and succeed on BGT when they tried out recently. They wowed the judges with their fast paced and dangerous looking Latin dance routine at their audition which Amanda labelled ‘sexy, exciting and dramatic.’

martin healy bgt

NAME – Martin Healy
AGE- 57
FROM- Leeds
TALENT – Dancer
JUDGES VOTE- 3 yeses. [Simon not on panel]

Martin dances with a nun doll….it’s a strange but entertaining act. The hopeful has been taking dance lessons with his wife for the last 7 years but apparently he prefers to dance with inanimate objects. He performed a waltz with a ‘partner’ made from a broom bead, face mask and a coat hanger. He performed to only three judges as Simon was ill at the auditions, and we can’t wait to see what the music mogul will make of his act on the live shows.

mcboy bgt

NAME – MC Boy (Mpassi)
FROM- Nottingham
TALENT – Singer/Rapper
JUDGE VOTE – 3 yeses. Simon – No

Mpassi is unemployed and lives in Nottingham with his family. He has been singing since the age of 2 and has been influenced by his Dad and Granddad who are both very musical. He got Amanda, Alesha and David up and dancing at his audition but failed to impress Simon who said he ‘hated’ the act – ‘The song was terrible. The dancing is not much better.’


NAME – McKnasty
FROM- London
TALENT – Drumming musician/DJ
JUDGE VOTE – 4 yeses

Josh Mckenzie [McKnasty] has been doing his act for six months. He has performed as a musician for many famous acts such as Lady Gaga and Tinie Tempah. He is completely self-taught and describes what he does as 100% original. His younger brother, pop artist Labrinth has inspired him to ‘do better’. During his audition he got Amanda and Alesha up dancing after performing his DJ drumming set and got four yeses from judges.

pre-skool bgt

NAME – MD Dancers
AGE- 14-22
FROM- Liverpool
TALENT – Dancers
JUDGE VOTE – 3 yeses. Simon – No

MD is a group made up of 17 dancers from Liverpool. Some of the dancers have appeared on Britain’s Got Talent previously as MD Show Group and MD Productions. The dancers performed an upbeat routine at their first audition and got three yeses from David, Alesha and Amanda but failed to impress Simon. “What you did before I’d never ever seen before, this I’ve seen variations of. In fact, I was actually very disappointed.”

meat diva bgt

NAME – Meat Diva
AGE- 31 and 27
FROM- Woking, Surrey
TALENT – Cabaret Singers
JUDGE VOTE – 3 yeses. Simon – No

Matthew and Jody have been together for 6 years and have been performing for 2 years. At their audition the cabaret duo got three yeses but didn’t manage to impress Simon who described their act as ‘low-rent’.

Modupe Obasola bgt

NAME – Modupe Obasola
AGE- 19
FROM- North London
TALENT – Singer
JUDGE VOTE – 4 yeses

Modupe has been singing for her whole life. At 7 years old she started playing drums, piano and guitar and also started writing music. She lives at home with her family and is a part time carer for her nan. At her audition Modupe sang her own acoustic version of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend and impressed the judges who described her as ‘cool, slick and current.’

phillip green

NAME – Philip Green
AGE- 21
FROM- Shepperton, Middlesex
TALENT – Impressionist
JUDGE VOTE – 4 yeses

Philip first started doing impressions at school. One day he was called out of class into the staff room so he could show teachers his impressions. His audition was the first time he had done his impressions in front of an audience. He had everyone laughing before he even begun his audition, and captivated all of the judges with his Stacey Solomon and Lorraine Kelly impersonations and got four yeses.

poppin ron falah hassan bgt 2

NAME – Poppin’ Ron
AGE- 21
FROM- Southampton
TALENT – Dancer
JUDGE VOTE – 4 yeses

Falah Hassan was born in Syria where he lived with his family. His parents were killed and he came to the UK when he was 12 where he was fostered. He has been dancing since he can remember. At his first audition he performed a body popping dance routine and impressed all of the judges.

pre-skool bgt

NAME – Pre Skool
AGE- 5-8
FROM- Port Talbot, Wales
TALENT – Dancers
JUDGE VOTE- 4 yeses

Pre Skool are a street dance crew who have been together for a year. They were inspired to audition after their older siblings ‘Nu SXool’ reached the semi-finals last year. They got four yeses from the judges after they performed a dance routine at their audition where David said their dancing lived up to how cute they were.

richard and adam johnson bgt 2

NAME – Richard and Adam Johnson
AGE- 19 & 22
FROM- Holywell, Wales
TALENT – Singers
JUDGE VOTE- 4 yeses

Richard and Adam have been singing since they were young. Their Nan is their number one fan and introduced them to opera. The brothers stunned the judges with their powerful opera performance of Impossible Dream at their audition and got four yeses from the judges.

robbie kennedy bt

NAME – Robbie Kennedy
AGE- 21
FROM- Cwmbran, South Wales
TALENT – Singer
JUDGE VOTE- 4 yeses

Robbie has been a brick layer for six years and only performed in public for the first time a year ago. He received four yeses and wowed the judges at his first audition when he sang an acoustic version of Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls which Simon said he could release and get a number one hit with.

rosie o'sullivan bgt 1

NAME – Rosie O’Sullivan
AGE- 19
FROM – Birmingham
TALENT – Singer
JUDGE VOTE- 4 yeses

Rosie has always sang since she can remember, but normally in choirs and groups. She sang It’s a Man’s World at her audition and got four yeses from the judges, blowing them away with her powerful voice.


NAME – Shockarellas
AGE- 12- 16
FROM – Manchester
TALENT – Dancers
JUDGE VOTE- 4 yeses

Shockarellas – Tia, Maleka, Olivia, Kyra and Zhane – are from Manchester and met each other at school. They have always danced and were inspired by Diversity. The judges gave four big yeses after Shockarellas impressed them with their lively dance performance.

steve hewlett bgt

NAME – Steve Hewlett
AGE- 37
FROM – Basingstoke, Surrey
TALENT – Ventriloquist
JUDGE VOTE- 4 yeses

Steve has been doing his act for 15 years and has a passion for making people laugh. He performed his ventriloquist act at his audition where he received four yeses and got all the judges laughing.


NAME – Stevie Pink
AGE- 45
FROM – Suffolk
TALENT – Illusionist
JUDGE VOTE- 4 yeses

Steven only formed his ‘Stevie Pink’ act in December 2012, but he has been performing for 20 years. He has done magic since he was a child and gave up a career in property to pursue a career in magic. Stevie Pink’s magic act got four yeses from the judges after they were left perplexed by how he performed his levitation illusion.

glambassodors bgt

NAME – The Glambassadors
AGE- 21- 36
FROM – London
TALENT – Dancers
JUDGE VOTE- 4 yeses

The Glambassadors have been together since 2011 and are all professional dancers. They performed a camp dance routine to Alesha’s The Boy Does Nothing and impressed the judges despite David commenting to one of the dancers ‘it was distracting seeing your nipples throughout the whole thing’.

thomas bounce bgt

NAME – Thomas Bounce
FROM – Preston, Lancashire
TALENT – Juggler
JUDGE VOTE- 3 yeses. Simon – No

Thomas started juggling 10 years ago and has been performing at weddings, parties and theatre shows since he was 14. He left school at 16 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional juggler. At his audition he performed his ‘bounce juggling’ act but only managed to get three yeses from judges after Simon said he wouldn’t want to see it again.

youth creation bgt

NAME – Youth Creation
AGE- 7 – 14
FROM – Essex
TALENT – Dancers
JUDGE VOTE- 4 yeses

Youth Creation is an Essex based dance group made up of 4 boys and 29 girls. The troupe train 3 times a week and bring children together from lots of areas. The colourful dance group got 4 yeses from the judges after performing their energetic and upbeat dance routine.

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