Britain’s Got Talent 2013: The Johnson brothers Richard & Adam won North Wales Has Got Talent thanks to their Nan!

the johnson brother richard and adam's nan 3

Yesterday, I met with Britain’s Got Talent stars Richard and Adam Johnson, who of course wowed the judges and the audience with their rendition of The Impossible Dream during their audition…

And they revealed to me that it was their lovely Nan – who we of course saw waiting nervously in the wings with hosts Ant and Dec while the boys sang for the judges – who first introduced them to classical music.

In fact, prior to that, the lads had been set for a possible career as pop singers, which was the one time ambition of their older brother Daniel!

More on that in a moment, but first, Richard and Adam also revealed to us that their Nan now has the nickname of ‘Nanny Bower’ after viewers saw her bowing to the judges from her place backstage each time they gave her grandsons positive feedback.

But as fans of the show saw when Richard and Adam’s audition aired during last Saturday’s show, at one point, the boys’ Nan looked as though she might pass out!

I asked, “How’s your Nan doing now? As we saw on your audition tape, she was so excited she looked like she was going to faint!”

Richard replied, “She’s absolutely ecstatic. Everybody’s calling her Nanny Bower because she bowed so much while she was in the wings!

“The thing is, she’s so humble and so grateful that we’ve had this chance. She follows us avidly and she’s always been a great support for us.”

the johnson brother richard and adam's nan

Adam added, “She been a big influence on us too with music.”

Richard then explained how – as mentioned above – his brother Daniel had been the lads’ first big influence in music.

He said, “We’ve only really been into singing classical for about four years because our older brother Daniel is really into pop music, so he sort of led the way for a while.

“Then he moved out and got married and then our Nan moved to Wales and she was like ‘Listen to this’ or ‘have a listen to that’ and we thought ‘Oh! We can sing that!’

“Then we entered a competition that was actually called North Wales Has Got Talent and we won!

“We got £500 prize money so we put that towards buying a PA system so that we could sing at my Nan and Grandad’s 50th wedding anniversary, so she was made up with that.”

Adam added, “I was about 15 at the time,” and Richard continued, “It was the first step in getting the confidence to sing in public really.”

Here’s a reminder of their awesome audition…

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