Britain’s Got Talent 2014: 11 year old boy almost kills Simon Cowell & the golden buzzer is in use!

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An 11 year old boy got hearts racing at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Birmingham this weekend with a impressive Western inspired act that included knife throwing.

Show boss Simon Cowell was so impressed by the boy – that or he was pressured by David Walliams…..we’re sure you can come to your own conclusions – that he got up on stage himself, as his trusty assistant and posed against a wooden board while the youngster flung metal knives at him.

The first knife thrown was a safe distance from Cowell and went straight into the board. However, after the second knife was a near miss and flung to the floor, Simon decided to count his losses, shaking the boys hand and making a swift exit.

Amanda Holden excitedly said “You nearly killed Simon”.

David jokingly added, “How much would I have to pay you to throw the knife a little bit nearer?”

BGT (6)

It was an afternoon full of firsts for the ITV show, as the brand new Golden Buzzer was pressed for the first time ever on the second day of the Birmingham auditions.

With each judge having the opportunity to press the Golden Buzzer once during the auditions, giving the act on stage an automatic place in the live shows, Amanda Holden was the first judge to press it for an impressive salsa dancing act.

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The act, unlike anything ever seen on the show before, amazed the audience with their nimble routine. Simon, however, did buzz the act early on in their performance. Although he did later apologise, saying ‘I am sorry I buzzed too early’, which Amanda jokingly took him to task on, saying it was ‘premature of him.’

With one Golden Buzzer place gone, just three more acts now stand the chance of getting an automatic place in the live shows.

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