Britain’s Got Talent: Adam Miller wants to be the male Katie Price

Britain’s Got Talent hopeful Adam Miller has revealed that he hopes to become the male equivalent to Katie Price.

The 22 year old model has revealed that he is planning £52,000 worth of plastic surgery to be ‘the perfect male model’ and launched his bid for fame on this year’s ITV talent show.

Adam strutted his stuff for Louis Walsh (who was standing in for Simon Cowell), Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan, when he danced and lip synced to Britney Spears ‘Circus’ while dressed in a replica of her ring master style outfit. His efforts won him three yeses from the judging panel. Louis Walsh told him that he lip-synced better than Britney herself.

Adam told The Sun: “Amanda Holden said I gave a perfect, polished performance.

“Piers Morgan said it was like watching Britney herself and that I was the best female impersonator he’d seen.”

He admitted:

“I’m trying to become the male Katie Price and turn myself into the most perfect male model.”

He even befriended Katie’s horse trainer Andrew Gould in a bid to get closer to his idol. He said: “I emailed him to say I wanted to go riding. We made friends and then last June, nights later, we went out with Katie and she bought me drinks all night.”

Adam said: “She told me I was gorgeous the way I was, but advised me on getting my teeth done.

“I told her she was my idol and I wanted to be as successful as her. She was really flattered.”

Adam admitted that his receptionist mum Amanda Houghton is paying £25,000 for his surgery and his nightclub owning partner is putting up the rest of the cash.

He said: “I’m just getting my inheritance early. My mum thinks I shouldn’t mess with my body but I’m nearly 23, so she has to stand by me.

“I’ve been called spoilt before as I’ve done things like order a Rolls-Royce to school when I was younger and got my mum to splash out so I can live the celebrity lifestyle.

“But I don’t think I’m any more spoilt than other people.”

Lisa McGarry

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