Britain’s Got Talent: DNA creep Simon Cowell & Alesha Dixon out as they read their minds!

Britain's Got Talent 2017: DNA

Britain’s Got Talent returned to our screens this evening and we love it when we see an act that feels fresh, new, and exciting. Over the years we have seen many different magicians take to the stage to perform tricks where they have basically read the judges’ minds with card acts and so on.

However, tonight double act DNA, made up of Andrew (43) and Darren (29) was a whole different take on that. They introduced them as mind readers and when they said they could read each other’s minds, we didn’t know what to expect from their routine. Was it going to be amazing or was it going to be clunky and poorly executed? Well, we can tell you now it was the former… it was pretty amazing.

Introducing themselves, the guys said: “We are DNA and we are mind readers. We can steal people’s thoughts in seconds. It’s something that is unique to Andrew and myself. We both have Alpha Male syndrome which is quite difficult in a double act sometimes. We are the only act in the world doing what we do, so we are the best at it. I feel like we are ready to perform. Being out there with my best mate is the best thing ever”.

Britain's Got Talent 2017: DNA


As part of the routine, Darren Asked Amanda to choose a random contact from her phone, to look at the last three digits of the number and to repeat the name of the contact in her head. Somehow Andrew guessed the last three digits as Amanda read them out. He then guessed the name of the contact, which was her sister, Debbie.

Darren then asked Simon to join him and Andrew on stage and he asked Simon to go on an “imaginary journey” in his mind. They asked him to picture a door with a number on it, and to write it down. He said the number over and over in his mind. He goes into the house and goes into the living room and he sees a colour painted on the walls, he was asked to write the colour down. There was also a celebrity calendar on the wall, and he also had to write the name of the celebrity down on the piece of paper, but to keep it close to his chest.

As you’ll have figured out by this point, Andrew guessed everything perfectly. Simon picked the number 717, the colour turquoise, and the celebrity being Sir Roger Moore.

Darren then pointed out that they started off the performance wearing camouflage t-shirts, but ended the performance in black, and nobody actually realised.

Here’s what the judges had to say of their performance:

  • David Walliams: “We’re all really spooked out. It was incredible.
  • Alesha Dixon: “I can’t wait to watch this on TV and figure out the t-shirt”.
  • Simon Cowell: “You did actually read each other’s minds. I don’t know how you did that. It’s creepy, and I didn’t know how you did it”.

It was four huge yeses from the judges as the pair made it through the audition stage with flying colours.

Nick Barnes

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