Britain’s Got Talent fans tantrum over amount of foreign auditionees


As we all know by now, Saturday night telly viewers can be a rowdy bunch, and this week fans of Britain’s Got Talent have slammed the amount of successful foreign acts on this series.

This weekend’s show saw dutch pair, Martin van Bentem and Marielle Constancia soar through to the next round with flying colours, complete with a standing ovation from the judges.

The pair performed a “lift act” which really had to be seen to understand how marvellous it was. Van Bentem literally threw his dance partner around his body in all different weird and wonderful shapes. Amanda Holden likened the audition to the way her daughter throws her Barbie dolls around the bedroom.

Martin and Marielle

Alesha loved it, stating it was “dangerous” and Simon was in his element because we all know, he’s partial to an act that could inflict death somehow.

A certain Mr Cowell loves foreign acts on the British show, largely asking them why they came all the way over to Britain to audition. It must be a boost for that overly large ego of his. However, viewers aren’t half as thrilled as he is, claiming that there should be less foreign acts and more home grown talent.

Cowell told the act on Saturday: “I’ve always said we always welcome everyone from around the world on this competition and I think we’re very lucky to have you audition on this show.

“In fact, it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve seen on this show.”

Martin and Marielle

A spokesperson added: “We want to showcase the best variety talent that will entertain our audiences and it’s a testament to the success of the series that, following the global success of the likes of Susan Boyle, people from all over Europe want to appear on our show”.

At present, show terms state that anyone with the right to live and work in the UK is allowed to enter the competition, meaning it is open to all EU citizens.

Meanwhile, a number of complaints have been filed with Ofcom regarding the nationality of shadow dancers, Attraction, who blew the judges and audience away with their audition on the first show a few weeks back. As it stands, Attraction are one of the leading favourites to take the crown this year and if they do, no doubt there will be some more toys being thrown out of the pram.

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Speaking about foreign acts, Cowell added: “I think it’s quite flattering that they fly all that way to enter this show because they see it as a flagship show, but it means our Brits have got to step it up now”.

Take a look at Martin and Marielle’s performance, below:

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