Britain’s Got Talent Fix Row: FaceTeam previously one Simon Cowell’s Red Or Black

After all the furore that surrounded The Voice last week and all the claims of fixes and insider help, this week it’s the turn of it’s ITV rival Britain’s Got Talent.

Hungarian basketball acrobats FaceTeam shone on Saturday night’s show, with their astounding routine and after they performed, judge David Walliams raved:

“I love seeing something on this show that I can’t imagine ever being able to do and you guys have compeltely blown us away today, so well done.”

However, it has been revealed that the European team aren’t quite as unfamiliar with British TV shows as they would have viewers believe, as they previously performed on Simon Cowell’s other show ‘Red Or Black’ last summer.

Not only that, but during their time on the gameshow, they also came into contact with BGT hosts Ant and Dec who fronted the ITV series.

One of the contestants on Red or Black told The Sun “ I recognised them straight away.”

“I’m pretty angry too — I don’t think it’s right that they’ve already been on a Simon Cowell show before.

“It would be all right if Simon had come out and said he’d seen them, but he didn’t.

“I feel cheated and I feel very bad for the contestants who did not get through because Face Team did.”

A source at BGT however told the newspaper: “Face Team did appear on Red Or Black but they were a very small part of the show. Simon was in the US at the time and was in no way involved in them being on the show. Face Team were booked by ITV Studios, not Simon’s company Syco.

“There’s nothing to stop an act that appeared on Red Or Black performing on BGT.

“Simon didn’t say anything like ‘I have never seen this’ like the other judges and in fact said they had to improve.”

Faceteam won four yeses and a place in the next round and it will be revealed in a few weeks time if they have made the live shows.

They think they deserve a slot, because their act is so ‘unique.’ Have a watch of the video and tell us if you agree. Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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