Britain’s Got Talent: Four Corners’ ‘Only Girl In The World’ impresses Simon Cowell! (VIDEO)

London dance troupe Four Corners were quite nervous when they were seen taking to the stage on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent show, because just minutes before they were due to perform, fellow dancers Twisted Disco were harshly buzzed off at the start of their routine.

The crew have only been together for three months and their nerves weren’t put at ease when Alesha Dixon admitted:

“Just to let you know, we’ve had a lot of crews come on and it’s all getting a little samey, samey. The bar has got to be raised today guys.”

The fifteen strong group consists of fourteen boys and only one girl Yasmin and it seems that they all make quite a big deal out of their female counterpart.

One handsome member admitted that they all like to ‘look after’ the pretty red head, and regularly take her out for dinner but she insisted there is no romance, because they are all just like her brothers.

Dressed in scruffy overalls, the boys began to dance – very aptly – to Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl In The World,’ before breaking to reveal Yasmin in the middle. While they performed in unison, the flame haired dancer moved around and in front of them and brought a real interesting and exciting element to the performance.


DAVID WALLIAMS: I think it would be better if I was in the middle. But I was really, really impressed.

ALESHA DIXON: I am so happy you came along, you are a breath of fresh air. It was fantastic.

AMANDA HOLDEN: It was a real mix of all kinds of dance and I like that you clearly enjoy what you do.

SIMON COWELL: I absolutely loved that and you are a little jewel in the middle. Very clever choice of song, and it’s original. i really like you guys.

Four yeses later and Four Corner were through to the next stage of the ITV show. Do you think they are good enough for the live rounds? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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