Britain’s Got Talent: Katie Lucia Keegan wasn’t moved by Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s serenade!

Ryan O’Shaughnessy claimed earlier in the week that Katie Lucia Keegan had been chuffed by his tribute to her on Britain’s Got Talent last week and hinted that he and the girl of his dreams may soon go on a date.

However, it looks like that happy ending isn’t to be, as sources close to the blonde beauty have insisted that she sees the Irish crooner as nothing more than a friend.

Ryan – who formerly made the live shows on The Voice Of Ireland – wrote his No Name song for Katie and on Saturday, 12 million people tuned in and many were moved by his emotional performance of the track.

It seems the song was enough to win him a place in the next round of the ITV show, but not a place in Keegan’s heart and a friend of the girl told The Sun today:

“I’m afraid it might be too late for Ryan. He’s a great guy but Katie has got the pick of the men.

“They are really good friends and have been for ages but that’s as far as it goes.

“There is someone else she is keen on. I suppose she could change her mind and if he goes all the way in the competition, who knows.”

David Walliams was impressed by Ryan’s intentions and at the tryouts, praised him saying:

“I can’t believe she won’t go out with you. That’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, sung incredibly well. That was absolutely astonishing. Well done.”

However, all the well wishing in the world won’t help, as even Ryan’s dad doesn’t see much of a chance for his son.

He added:

“I don’t think there’s any chance of them getting together.

“They’re just friends, they’ve been friends for ages.

“They are not an item and never have been. It’s not going to happen, unfortunately.”

Poor Ryan! Ah well, we’re sure a shot at fame, and the thousands of pounds he’s about to make off the back of BGT will help ease his pain.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!