Britain’s Got Talent: Luke Cottingham, Melissa Walford, Simon O’Driscoll, Bethan Horton, Richard James depress Simon Cowell!

Britain's Got Talent  2013 Judges

Simon Cowell was a little fed up with one type of act on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent show.

The music mogul admitted that he was totally and utterly fed up with singers, who play their guitars and sing about ‘being dumped’ and the first performer who illustrated his point was Luke Cottingham, a 20 year old student from Sheffield.

He only got one line into his downbeat tune, before all four judges buzzed and Simon later told him:

“I’m not going to remember that in 10 minutes time, that’s the problem.”

Next up was Melissa Walford, a 16 year old student from Shropshire. She sang ‘You’ve Got The Love’ by Florence and The Machine but again, the show boss was not a fan and told her:

Melissa Walford bgt

“This is the sort of thing I would expect to hear outside a subway station.”

He added:

“I’ve literally banned anyone else turning up with a guitar. I can’t listen to anymore. It’s too depressing.”

Hoping he could change his mind, was Simon O’Driscoll an 18 year old student from Ireland.

However, despite singing a One Direction song, he still didn’t impress the panel and was buzzed off stage. Cowell said:

“And they all sing about being dumped. That’s what happens when you buy a guitar… you get dumped.”

BGT 2013 Auditions - Cardiff

Bethan Horton, an 18 year old from Wales who works part-time in McDonalds looked the part and we really thought she might turn things around, however she made David yawn and afterwards Simon blasted:

“If I hear another ‘I’ve been dumped’ song today I’m literally going to throw myself off a bridge.”

Luckily there were no bridges around, because the next singer was Richard James and Amanda asked him:

Richard James  bgt

“You don’t have a girlfriend that’s dumped you and you’re going to sing a song about it do you? Phew.”

The wannabe explained:

“No, it’s about a girl who went travelling.”

Simon asked: “And she didn’t come back?”

Amanda laughed:

“So it is a song about a girl who dumped you?”

By the end, even Amanda was sick of it all and moaned:

“I think we’ve got lots of singing guitar players, singing depressing songs.”

Lucky she’s not on the X Factor then!

Do you think the judges were fair with Luke Cottingham, Mellissa Walford, Simon O’Driscoll, Bethan Horton and Richard James? Leave your comments below….

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