Britain’s Got Talent results: Ryan O’Shaughnessy wins the night, but did Billy George or Aquabatic go through?

by Gerard McGarry

Well, it was a hit and miss night of entertainment tonight on Britain’s Got Talent. We cringed at Martyn Crofts’ dragging a once-funny Dalek impersonation out for another night, but we were pleasantly surprised by Essex girl Hope Murphy and her Bob Dylan cover.

In the end though, the judges – and particularly Simon Cowell – laid it on pretty thick in favour of controversial contract-flaunting Celtic contestant Ryan O’Shaughnessy. Probably had nothing whatsoever to do with any rivalry Simon feels toward The Voice. Anyway, the positive comments probably helped, although Ryan’s latest romantic composition and exquisite falsetto probably didn’t hurt his chances either.

We’ve heard that if Ryan hadn’t been able to escape his commitment to The Voice Of Ireland, he was planning to try the old “the dog ate my contract” line. #Joking!

Anyway, this is just a roundabout, waffly way to tell you that Ryan O’Shaughnessy rather predictably won the night and went straight through to the Britain’s Got Talent final this weekend.

This left hunky spinning hoop guy Billy George and synchronized swimming team Aquabatique vying for the last place in the BGT final. However, it quickly became clear that the swimming act had won the hearts of the judging panel. Well, obviously David Walliams already has a soft spot for all things swimming. Alesha Dixon opted to ‘balance’ the vote by choosing Billy’s abs. Er, we mean Billy. However, Simon and Amanda Holden were both keen to send the former Olympic hopefuls through to the finals.

Though we suspect that Simon just wants to sign them up so that can live in his giant fishbowl that he’s having built into his home…

So, wrapping up the night’s events, Ryan O’Shaughnessy and Aquabatique progress to the Britain’s Got Talent finals on Saturday. I still predict that Ryan will totally destroy Sam Kelly on the night, and I’m actually quite excited to see what Aquabatique come up with for their last performance on the show.

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