Britain’s Got Talent semi finals: Malaki Paul ‘went from a boy to a man’ with ‘No One’ performance (VIDEO)

Malaki Paul moved the judges and we’d say a fair proportion of the nation to tears when he first tried out for Britain’s Got Talent and sobbed on the stage, after getting half way through his rendition of ‘Listen’ by Beyonce, so we have to admit, we were slightly worried about how we would hold up when the nine year old singer returned to the stage of the ITV show this evening.

The young performer insisted recently that he wasn’t nervous about performing on the semi finals and admitted that he has been practicing singing in public and in front of large groups of people, ever since he got four yeses at his tryout in London.

Tonight, Malakai chose to sing an equally demanding song, in the form of ‘No One’ by Alicia Keys. This is a damned tough song to sing, and Malaki got off to a shaky start. While he recovered his pitch, you could still hear the waver in his voice due to nerves. Still, there wasn’t the same stage-fright he experienced at his first audition.

On the other hand – and I always try to keep it real, homies – Malaki’s vocal wasn’t good enough to secure him a place in the finals. If he gets through, it’ll be on the cute factor. And even that hasn’t been a guarantee of success on Britain’s Got Talent this year.


ALESHA DIXON: We all fell in love with you at the first audition. You sing as if you’ve lived a thousand lives. There’s a lot of pain there…you’re a raw talent.

SIMON COWELL: I think today you went from a boy to a man. You managed to conquer your nerves…if you can do what you’ve done tonight, you’re going to be very successful going forward.

AMANDA HOLDEN: Malaki, I thought it was a huge improvement…but there were quite a few pitching issues if I’m going to be honest with you.

DAVID WALLIAMS: That is the greatest comeback of all time. Two weeks ago, the nation saw you cry on TV. Now they’ve seen you rock the joint.

Do you think Malakai performed well tonight? Was it enough to win him a place in Saturday’s grand finale? Leave your comments below..

Lisa McGarry

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