Britain’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell blasts The Voice’s ‘silly rivalry’ and admits to nicking Alesha Dixon in revenge!

Simon Cowell has admitted that he is quite cross with BBC bosses.

Unreality TV met up with the music mogul at the Britain’s Got Talent press screening in London yesterday and he was very clear on what he thinks about the rival channel pitting their new series The Voice up against his long running talent show.

Cowell insisted that he is not against competition from other TV formats, but is upset that Beeb executives changed their scheduling, so that viewers would have to choose between the reality TV shows.

He said:

“When you get to a point when you mess around the the schedule and it affects the viewers, when you go head to head, that to me is silly rivalry. Of course I love competition but if you ask the BBC “do we need another singing talent show?” I would query whether you do or not.”

This coming from the man who brought The X Factor to America, when they already had American Idol and The Voice US!

Cowell continued on his rant, saying that he thinks the money and energy that has been invested in The Voice, is a bid to steal The X Factor’s crown. He added:

“My opinion is that they don’t like the fact that the X Factor is successful. They have every right to compete with us and I have every right to arm ourselves, so we are in a good place to beat them.”

When asked about reports that he had only asked Alesha Dixon – who previously judged on Strictly Come Dancing – to join his new Britain’s Got Talent panel, so he could hit back at the BBC, he initially denied the claims – insisting that he has wanted to work with the former Mystique singer for a long time – but then admitted that it was actually all about the payback.

The music mogul said:

“I had actually approached Alesha to join The X Factor some time ago, and couldn’t quite get past the finishing posts so once we decided that we were going to make it four people on the panel, I thought I would love Alesha to join the show.”

Simon continued:

“There was part of me that thought to myself, because there is so much rivalry between Strictly and X Factor and with all the messing around with the schedule, The Voice was 100% intended to be a competing show, I thought great, we will nick Alesha.”

Alesha tried to save face at this point and quipped:

“You can be stolen Simon!”

Do you think Cowell is right to be upset with the BBC? Was it wise to poach Alesha for the ITV show? As always leave your comments below and make sure you keep checking back throughout the next few days, as we have LOADS of news and spoilers on both shows coming up!

Lisa McGarry

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