Britain’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell splits ‘Like Mother Like Daughter’ Dawn and Abi (VIDEO)

Like Mother Like Daughter caused a bit of controversy on Britain’s Got Talent tonight, when Simon Cowell once again tried to split a duo up.

He attempted it with Jonathan Antoine and his singing partner Charlotte at the start of the series and tonight, when Dawn 38 and Abi, 14 took to the stage, the music mogul decided he wanted to hear the younger hopeful perform alone.

The pair had started singing Plan B’s ‘She Said’ for the panel, but to be honest Abi didn’t have much of a role. The mum sang for the majority of the performance, while her daughter got a small rap section quite near the end.

Cowell stopped the music and told the pair that their performance could not be described as a duet and asked Dawn to leave the stage, while her teenager performed alone.

This time the youngster tentatively rapped to Ironik Ft Chipmunk’s Tiny Dancer and afterwards Cowell told her that he was a fan and she should ‘ put a little band together.’

He added:

‘I mean you mum, very nice but you are a pub singer and you’ve picked up all the habits. I hate all that, I don’t believe this is ever going to work for you.’

Alesha Dixon advised the girl to go it alone too, adding:

“I can’t help but feel like this is your mum’s dream, I think you should carry on but maybe not as an act.”

David Walliams then joked:

“Carry on as mother and daughter, yeah I think they probably will.”

Unsurprisingly, the judges all gave Dawn and Abi a no and they lost out on the chance to perform on the live shows. Do you think the judges were right? Should the pair have been given another chance, either separately or together?

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