Britain’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell thinks Graham Blackledge is like ice cream and sausages! (VIDEO)

Poor old Graham Blackledge got the raw end of the stick, when he performed for Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon recently.

The 42 year old Online and Education sales Manager from Preston played the organ and sang when he tried out for Britain’s Got Talent in Blackpool and while the audience clearly loved his performance, it seems that while Simon Cowell was amused, he’s not sure the act was good enough to be performed in front of The Queen.

Half way through Graham’s song, Simon stopped the performance and said:

“That was absolutely horrific. I’ll tell you why, you were smiling in a weird way the whole way through. Can I hear you singing and playing the organ together without the weird smiling?”

Blackedge performed again, this time singing La Bamba for the crowd and though Ant and Dec loved it so much that they danced backstage, Simon still wasn’t convinced.

Alesha Dixon said:

“I think I enjoyed more listening to you talk than I did listening to you play, if I’m being honest. But when you actually starting doing ‘ba ba ba bam’ it was ‘oh this is nice’ but erm I quite enjoyed it in some weird way.”

Cowell insisted:

“It was hideous. It’s like eating vanilla ice cream with a sausage. They don’t go together.”

David Walliams had other ideas though and mused:

“Have you ever thought of just doing stand-up comedy?!”

Tune into Britain’s Got Talent tonight at 8.30pm to see what way the judges’ vote and if Graham makes the live rounds. Do you think he’s good enough? Leave your comments below.

Also featured will be an amazing 11 year singer named Molly Rainford will be seen wowing the judges with her vocal performance, while the panel will also end up in tears after a moving song by nine year old Malakai Paul.

Lisa McGarry

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