Britain’s Got Talent’s David Walliams wanted Simon Cowell in Big School – hopes to combat Russian homophobia with The Boy in the Dress

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This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

Yesterday we told you about the talent competition in David Walliams’ new sitcom Big School. Now we can tell you that David had hoped to ask his favourite judge for a cameo.

He told What’s on TV:

“There is actually an episode where the school puts on a version of a ‘…Got Talent’ show and I did think it would be fantastic if he came on stage at the end of the scene. Although, I don’t think it would fit – it would probably shatter the reality of the piece!”

We think it’s a shame this didn’t happen, it’s always great to see this pair together. We’re glad that David doesn’t let go of “his” Simon completely, though. As he continues playfully teasing him on Twitter.

Telling him on Monday:

“I’m pregnant.”


”And so is @sinittaofficial”

And then …

”And Louis Walsh is expecting twins.”

Simon’s response has gone unrecorded.

david simon

After that David, who is celebrating 20 weeks at number one with his book Gangsta Granny, had more pressing matters to talk about.

His book “The Boy in the Dress” has been released in Russia. This is a big deal, as the story of a young boy who secretly loves to dress up in girls clothes and one day decides to go to school dressed as a girl student could, in a way, be seen as “promoting homosexuality”.

David said on his Twitter: “With the vile anti-gay legislation in Russia, I’m pleased ‘The Boy in the Dress’ is being published there.”

We are too. Hopefully the book will teach a new generation of Russian children that it is good to be different, whether black, white, gay, bi, transgender or transvestite.

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