Britain’s Got Talent’s Thomas Bounce to win Simon over by setting his (juggling) balls on fire

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Thomas Bounce, who we saw audition on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday evening has promised to set his balls on fire (of the juggling kind) in a bid to win over Simon Cowell.

On Saturday evening, Cowell hit his buzzer claiming he got “bored” after about a minute and half. Alesha sided with Simon as she wasn’t too keen on the act, stating it just wasn’t exciting enough. However, after much persuasion by David and Amanda, she gave him the yes he needed to go through to the next round.

The professional juggler from Preston states that Simon is clearly a tosser and that’s why he didn’t quite understand his act – yes, again, we mean of the juggling kind.

thomas bounce bgt

Speaking to The Sun he said: “I think he was shocked by someone bouncing balls rather than the traditional way of tossing them. Toss juggling is the norm, so it’s understandable he was confused.

“The staircase was just a thing I got made to make sure the balls will bounce. I don’t need it all of the time. The way the balls bounce is quite rhythmic so it works well with music. I can move around the stage a lot more and it looks impressive”.

Thomas’ act saw him stood on the top of a small staircase doing “upside down juggling”. He said he wants to “change the image of juggling”. If I’m honest, I thought it was a pretty neat act, Simon must have just had one of those days!

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Speaking about what he may do next to improve his act, he said: “I’ve looked into setting them on fire. No one has ever done that.

“There are balls you can get that can be juggled in the air and set on fire but the bouncy ones are made of rubber and obviously that would melt.”

He even added that he may make some and put Simon’s face on them… setting them on fire might be a tad excessive then, no?

Britain’s Got Talent continues next Saturday at 7:45pm on ITV.

Take a look at Thomas’ audition, below:

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