Brothers Richard and Adam Johnson will get professional training & a house if they win Britain’s Got Talent 2013

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Richard and Adam Johnson have admitted that they understand why Simon Cowell thinks they need more ‘technical help’ for their singing.

The Welsh hopefuls impressed the music mogul and his fellow judges when they auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year and after their rendition of ‘The Impossible Dream’ he told them:

“What I like about you two is that I think you’re genuine guys and the effort and the
passion that went into that performance was incredible.”

He added:

“You do need some technical help to make you better, but you remind me of that Olympic spirit we had last year, you know, working hard at something and being good at It. It made me feel really good.”

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We spoke to the siblings yesterday and they told Unreality TV that they know there are ways they can ‘improve’ and Richard explained:

“Absolutely. I think when you’re singing classical there’s always ways to improve.

“I know a lot of top singers out there say they spend a lifetime learning and we’ve really only sat at home trying to pick things up.

“We haven’t had any formal training, so if we had the opportunity to, and to work with professional singers, then we’d be thrilled.”

Adam added, “The trouble is, it costs a bomb and that’s why we’ve never been able to do it.”

If the lads win the show in June, they will get their hands on the £500,000 prize money but they admitted that they won’t spend all of it on training. Adam told us:

“We’d also buy a house…”

Richard agreed and said, “Yeah, get ourselves on the property ladder. But to be honest, my dad would probably look at what was best to invest in.

richard and adam johnson, bgt

“He’s quite good with money, and if you give us – two young lads – that sort of money…

“It could be dangerous!”

Do you think the boys could win? Watch their audition again and leave your comments below….

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