David Walliams & Barbara Windsor shine at charity show and Britain’s Got Talent Pudsey Gate!

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We all know that David Walliams is a sweetheart, a naughty one, but truly a sweetheart and he showed it in spades yesterday, when he joined Barbara Windsor to host the Premier inn conference.

The hotel chain was raising money for a new wing at children’s hospital Great Ormond St through an awards show and their parent company Whitbread PLC announced their pledge to raise £7.5M for the hospital to support building a new clinical building opening 2017.

David and Barbara were hilarious according to those present at the ceremony. West End singer Emma Lindars was also performing at the event and got to pose with the hosts. She tweeted:

“Amazing gig at the excel got to share a dressing room with lady Barbara Windsor and Mr David walliams!!! How cool”

The day before David turned out to support his good mate and unfairly maligned star Jimmy Carr at his first performance after his run in with an angry heckling audience during a charity gig.

david walliams, ant and dec

It was reported that earlier this week David was also at GMB Hove, a general trade union that provides advice, support and representation as well as organising campaigns and negotiating to improve and protect our members pay and terms and conditions of employment.

Union’s education project worker Déclán Mac Intyre said:

“David Walliams in the GMB Hove office to support the work we do on workplace learning and our members. He was great to meet. Good guy. He was meant to be there for an hour and stayed for over 2. Spoke openly about aspects of life and was really moved by the learners stories.”

Meanwhile, here’s bad news: Pudsey gate ….we kid you not!


The Sun seems to be able to dig up dirt about anyone and even dogs aren’t safe anymore. This morning the newspaper reported that Pudsey might not have filmed some of the scenes in his Mr Stink movie with David, because the pet was too tired.

Stand in doggies – two of his own puppies- were used to film some bits. Now I ask you: who cares? If it helps to keep Pudsey healthy and give him a rest it’s all good. It is common practise in filming with pets and children to use stand in for scenes as to not overwork them. There were five Lassies, two Olson Twins and several babies were blown up in ‘Honey I blew up the kid’.

No mystery, no scandal. Just proper and necessary animal care. Leave your comments below…..

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