David Walliams saves the day when the judges collide during Britain’s Got Talent fight night

by Lisa McGarry

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Saving the best for last is a well known expression, but apparently Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon haven’t been told. The female Britain’s Got Talent judges had been noticeably grumpy for the last few days when the auditions hit Birmingham and yesterday, on the last day of tryouts, they walked out because they and the boys could not agree on an act.

The girls had decided they liked a dance group, while Simon Cowell and David Waliams insisted that the dancers just weren’t good enough for the live shows.

The audience opinion was split on this and soon the tiny little difference of opinion got bigger and bigger until the girls sulkily stormed off set. David and Simon were stunned by their behaviour, but decided to get on with the judging, to keep time. With David sitting next to his Simon the remaining wannabes were judged swiftly, though after a while the girls did make a return and the dancers got a second chance.

Still the ladies were not happy, and continued to bicker. Simon became so frustrated he took to smoking an electric cigarette. The kind people from Got Talent told us:

BGT (4)-3

“So which judge has @SimonCowell taken to calling “Cruella DeVille”? CLUE: If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will. #JUDGEWAR is EXPLODING! Luvvies, daaahlings, agents, singers, comedians, magicians and acrobats are cartwheeling for cover!”

Auditions were halted for a bit, so things could be talked through. This meant, though that thousands of people who had been queuing for hours still couldn’t get in. Soon David got bombarded with messages from freezing fans asking him what was going on and he quickly explained the situation, tweeting:

“It’s all kicked off here in Birmingham for BGT. Amanda & Alesha have staged a walkout. Extremely awkward.”

Audience member JohnLoydall told David:

“They were definitely being babies! That ‘dance’ act should not have gone through!!”

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After what seemed like a century the judges returned to their posts and the auditions continued. Still the atmosphere between Amanda, Alesha and Simon remained frosty. It was left David to raise the spirit in the house and keep things entertaining, as he had done for the entire day. The Little Britain star worked tirelessly, talking to the audience while the others were fighting and trying to keep the mood light. In the long waits David even advised one audience member to youtube Tommy Cooper. Simon Cowell appreciated his effort, and David used this in his act. He massaged the judges shoulders and even bounced on the music moguls lap, making him squeak:

“David I can’t breathe, David, David, I can’t breathe.”

Walliams also bounced onto the stage on several occasions. On act had spray painted the judges faces onto poodles and David swiftly got up on stage went on all fours and put his face next to his dogalike. David later called a dance group “fierce”and joined them onstage too.

david simon

Comedian Ian Royce who works as warm up on both BGT and X Factor said: “This year @davidwalliams had been sensational, seriously funny man who made me laugh too many times. So much respect….”

Luckily the day brought some great acts, a singer called Alice Febenham who’s voice Simon described as “liquid gold” and a rousing finale act that brought the judges together again in a unanimous 4 yesses.

David tweeted: “The BGT 2013 audition tour is over. Today in Birmingham we witnessed the birth of a star. #shamethegirlswereinabadmoodallday

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