EXCLUSIVE: Gabz Gardiner talks BGT, her new single ‘Lie There’ and the possibility of a debut album

by Nick Barnes


I recently had the great opportunity to catch up with Gabz Gardiner. The Britain’s Got Talent fans among us will remember Gabz as the talented young girl who sang one of the most catchy tunes of the series earlier this year. And, how could we forget those onesies?

In my recent interview with Gabz, we spoke about ‘Lighters (The One)’ and the sheer success of it along with what’s next for her.

Speaking about why she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in the first place, the 14-year-old singer said: “I’d always wanted to audition so that I could get my music out there and so a lot of people could hear what I do. I think it’s a quick way for everyone to hear my music”.

We spoke about Lighters (The One) which Gabz sang in her first audition and took the whole venue by storm. Honestly, I was still singing it a week later. The track was that much of a hit, it went on to be released as Gabz’s debut single shortly after Britain’s Got Talent came to a close earlier this year.

“I really didn’t [expect it to be so big],” she explained “I didn’t know how well it was going to do as I was really nervous about the audition, I wasn’t sure what people would think of it. But it did really, really well and I’m very happy about that”.

The track did that well, it landed Gabz her first top 10 hit, landing at number 6 on the Official UK Charts. When we spoke last week, Gabz told me that she still can’t believe how well the single did and it was great to find out it had charted in the Top 40 let alone the Top 10.


Gabz is gearing up to release her second single, titled ‘Lie There’ which is different from Lighters but still has that catchy effect in which you’ll definitely find yourself humming the tune later in the day.

Explaining what the track is about, Gabz said: “It’s about someone who has a string of bad relationships and they just want it to stop and settle down with one person. I got my inspiration from watching movies and TV”.

Then came the revelation that bowled me over… Gabz told me that she doesn’t know whether she will be releasing a full studio album or not – it all depends on how Lie there does. If the single has the same amount of success as Lighters, then it’s a possibility. So Gabz fans, you know what you have to do when Lie There is released.

If a debut album does go ahead, Gabz said that her dream duet would be with Jessie J as “I’m a massive fan of hers”. Ed Sheeran, One Direction and Justin Bieber are just a few of her musical inspirations.

What’s next for Gabz? Well, she’ll be releasing Lie There on Sunday. The single is available to pre-order now, so it’ll land on your iTunes on Monday morning.

It was a pleasure to speak to Gabz last week and I wish her the best of luck. I can only keep my fingers crossed that a debut album will be in the pipeline following the release of Lie There.

Nick Barnes

Nick is the Assistant Editor at Unreality TV, along with being a full-time Beyoncé obsessor! Email him at nick@unrealitytv.co.uk or catch him on Twitter @ImNickBarnes

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    Loved her! She was by far one of the highlights of the series! 😀

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