Martin Matcham is Defended By His Mother In Law!


In a bid to impress the Judges on tomorrow night’s Britain’s Got Talent, 35 year old rocker Martin Matcham has customised his guitar with LED lights “it makes me stand out from the crowd, no one else has anything like this” explains Martin.

Martin’s being backed by all the family and his wife and mother in law, Pat have come along to support him today, in fact it was his mother in law that applied for the show on Martin’s behalf, as mother in law Pat explains “he is so good and I just want everyone else to see how good he is too”.

Singing and playing Queen’s I Want to Break Free unfortunately for Martin it doesn’t take long for Amanda and Simon to buzz him, but with Piers loving it, Martin carries on unphased, although his mother in law looks less than impressed at the side of stage. But as Martin reached the high point of his act, when his LED lights switch on, all the audience are on their feet and even Amanda looks like she’s changed her mind.

After his performance Pier tells Martin “you just rocked the Hammersmith Apollo” and Amanda apologies “I think I buzzed too early as that was pure genius” however Simon isn’t impressed “that was terrible, when your guitar lit up like something from a fair ground with that horrendous solo and then of course the singing was worse than the guitar playing, if you were to go on and win this show you could single handily close down this show” causing Martin’s mother in law Pat to shout “you’re a nasty man” from side of stage.

But Simon’s comments are irrelevant as Piers and Amanda give Martin 2 big yes’s and a triumphant Martin leaves the stage, but as he walks off his unhappy Pat walks on to confront Simon. “Simon I’m his mother in law an he’s got very little confidence anyway and you have probably just belittled his confidence even more I think you were really really nasty” and with that she walks off stage apologising to Martin if she’s just “embarrassed him again”. Sounds like it wasn’t the first time for Martin!

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!