MD Show Group Biography

MEMBERS AND AGES: x 34 in total

Jade Slator 16, Faye Campbell 14, Zoe Aden 13, Kirsty Winder 16, Toni Winder 14, Jamie-Lee Wooding 14, Jade Seddon 10, Robyn Gilgannon 13, Lorri Mcllwrath 14, Ashleigh Franey15, Ashliegh Green 18, Rae McKenna 14, Connor Cray 12, Lois O’Brien 10, Jessica Grant 15, Emily Grant 11, Alyssa Riley 16, Robyn Ireland 16, Alvin Christie 14, Georgina Rutland 10, Jessica McGlynn 15, Summer Ditchfield 13, Bria Rutledge 10, Natasha Byrne 16, Kirsty Tee 14, Casey Cain 14, Rikie Kelly 17, Sydnie Sorby 14, Reme Williams 14, Lauren Spencer 15, Abbie Morton 14, Olivia McDowell 14, Claudia Fitzgibbon 12, Claudia Pitter 13.

FROM: Liverpool

JOBS: Students

TALENT Street Dancing


MD Show group are a dance group based in Liverpool. They formed 18 months ago and want to promote a positive message. Group leader Miguel set up his company 8 years ago because he felt that there was nothing to do in Liverpool. After he finished his dance course he felt that he needed to set an example for the local kids. The dance school gave many of the kids direction and Miguel says that it improved their attitudes and grades. Most of the kids are from broken homes and have devised different routines to tackle different issues.

The kids decide which issues they want to tackle and create dances that highlight the issue. MD Show group are influenced by personal issues including gun crime, bullying and racism. MD Show group entered the show because they want to show other people from a disadvantaged background that they turn their lives around and achieve something. The show represents a milestone for many of the kids as many of them have never left Liverpool before.


Simon – YES What you have to proud of is that you’re so young; manage to do one of the best things I’ve seen on TV

Amanda – YES Welcome to BGT, you’ll go all the way

Piers – YES Incredible energy

Kelly – YES Never seen anything so powerful; was incredible

Lisa McGarry

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