Over The Rainbow: Jenny Douglas’ grandad was Susan Boyle’s mentor

Over The Rainbow hopeful Jenny Douglas was encouraged to pursue her singing career by her late grandfather and her grandmother has since revealed that her music loving husband, once encouraged Susan Boyle in much the same way.

Jenny is currently competing on the BBC reality TV show, for the chance to star in a west end production of The Wizard Of Oz and her grandmother Marloe thinks her grandad, George Stevenson, would have been very proud.

She told The News Of The World:

“George would have been blown away to see what’s happened with Susan – he always believed in her.

“And Jenny was the apple of his eye. He was so proud of her, he’d have been over the moon to see her perform on TV.”

“The two of them were very similar, George was a wonderful performer and he always knew that Jenny would be a star.

“It’s an amazing feeling, to see her living her dream on TV – and carrying on George’s talent for entertaining.”

George first met Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle when he staged a hosted regular talent shows plus an annual gala in his home town of Whitburn, West Lothian. He is thought to have encouraged Susan to participate and gave her advice on her singing and performing skills.

Marloe added:

“Susan must have been in her 20s when George met her.

“He had faith in her and knew she had a fantastic voice but she was always acting silly and he worried that people wouldn’t listen to her.

“When I saw her on Britain’s Got Talent last year I had tears streaming down my cheeks.

“I shut my eyes and thought, ‘Oh, George, if only you could see her now’.”

Lisa McGarry

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