A painful David Walliams secret revealed as Britain’s Got Talent hits Manchester

by Lisa McGarry


Before the Britain’s Got Talent auditions kicked off on Friday, judge David Walliams took time out of his busy schedule to entertain some very ill children at Rainbows Hospice.

During his visit David paid his respects to the family of Susan Taylor. Susan tragically died while attempting to swim the English Channel for Rainbows last year.

“I first heard about Rainbows Hospice,” he said, “when Susan Taylor very sadly lost her life swimming the channel last year. I didn’t know Susan personally, but I was very touched by her story.”

“Susan was a great supporter of Rainbows, and she was raising money for the hospice when she died.”

After the visit, David headed to Waterstones book store, also in Loughborough, for a 4 hour signing. However, all didn’t go to plan and when he arrived, David found out that his special chair had not arrived. It’s not a throne, or a gold plated chaise longue as you may expect, but rather a support seat, which helps Walliams remain comfortable after his recent back surgery.

Despite the absence, the dad of one made it through the entire signing, despite his severe discomfort.

David also has to have a special chair during Got Talent auditions, which has apparently annoyed show boss Simon Cowell who likes to look down on his fellow stars.

Simon has always suffered from height envy with David, reportedly demanding that he stands at the back when being photographed, or remains sitting when Simon stands in shots, so the difference isn’t visible. He even uses a booster cushion in his own seat, but with the new chair David is using, it’s still too low.

So after that diversion, back to day one in Manchester: Not much happened, except a very exceptional audition by Big Ron for which everyone expected the golden buzzer would sound: it didn’t though. It was a nice and cosy atmosphere without Simon, who called in sick for the day and was replaced by hosts Ant and Dec.

The entire vibe changed when Cowell entered the auditorium later that evening though and David returned to his naughty persona, but not all jokes were aimed at Cowell. He told a girl in the audience she looked “tangooed” after spotting her bright orange shirt, to much hilarity of the audience and her friends.

A big surprise was the visit of many old and loved faces like the Showbears and Jack Carroll. David helped an act backstage, met up with disabled children from a local charity and also became part of an “art act”, watch here:

David Walliams getting involved after an act haha #BGT

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Saturday: After starting early for the first time ever the day before, the team returned to being three hours late on Saturday after Simon couldn’t leave his lemon bath. David, Ant and Dec and Stephen Mulhern were not amused, as they had been working for hours, recording bits for More Talent and were hoping for an early night.

All was forgiven later in the afternoon when all his fellow judges judges agreed Simon had got it right when he pressed his golden buzzer for a great and emotional act. Even Ant poked his head around the stage curtain to give a thumbs up and a clap. No, we won’t tell you what the act was!

Other acts included Twinklettes and Gary Fenton, the Mr SISTER show, kids dressed as muppets, a pole dancer, a stage filled with musicians and a boyband.
Oh yes, and when told “I love you” by an audience member David told he was staying in “room 47”, just so you know.

This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

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