Richard & Adam Johnson dressed as cowboys in their biggest show before Britain’s Got Talent 2013!

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Richard and Adam Johnson impressed the Britain’s Got Talent judges with their classical singing when they tried out for the ITV show recently but the lads haven’t always relied on their vocals for their stage performances.

In an interview with Unreality TV this week, the Welsh hopefuls revealed that they used to be active members of a local Am Dram society and one of the last times they performed before their BGT audition was when they played two cowboys in a small play.

Richard told us:

“Probably the biggest audiences were at the Floral Pavillion and The Empire…”

Adam added, “We were in an amateur dramatics society and we performed in lot of places, but there must’ve been about 2,500 at The Empire.

“But we didn’t go on stage as singers…”

Richard said, “No we didn’t sing, we were dressed as cowboys actually!”

richard and adam johnson, bgt

We asked the handsome pair if they had been inspired by Charlotte and Jonathan’s success on last year’s series of BGT and while they admitted the pair’s reception had pushed them towards entering, the lads revealed that they never expected to get such a positive response.

Richard said, “It did actually, and we went to see them live and we’ve got their CDs and stuff.”

Adam added, “They are amazing but never in a million years did we think we’d even get this far, so to do as well as them would be, well, amazing.”

Both brothers work in sandwich shops and though they have taken a little bit of time off, they aren’t planning to give up their day jobs any time soon.

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Richard said, “Well we’d love to get a record deal and just focus on that.

“It’s been really difficult for us because we’ve gone away and we’ve been offered various singing jobs, but it’s so up and down.

“You can sometimes have quite a bit of singing work to do then nothing for ages. So we’ve got to keep the working in the shop to subsidize what we really want to do, which is singing.

“So that’s why BGT has been so great for us because we feel like we’re on the right path now. We just want to do this full-time. That’s the dream.”

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