Simon Cowell: ‘I’m not Mr Nasty anymore!’

Simon Cowell has mellowed during his years at the top and the man who was once labeled ‘Mr Nasty’ because of his caustic comments to hopefuls appearing on his TV shows, now seems to have a heart.

Speaking to The Mirror, Simon has admitted that while he has his good days and bad days, he does now try to take into consideration the pressures and circumstances of auditionees lives before he starts ranting at them. He said:

“Yes, good and bad moods affect my judging. I am in a very good mood at the moment and life with Mezhgan is great.

“Mr Nasty was just a label when we first started doing these shows.

“You have to remember when people are auditioning they are taking it very seriously and for them it is a life-changing moment.

“I am not a hypocrite and I always said I would be honest as I possibly could. But you have to kinda put yourself in their shoes, and if you have woken up in a bad mood you have to shake yourself out of it.”

Speaking about the new series of Britain’s Got Talent which launches in the UK on Saturday night, Simon admitted that dealing with Susan Boyle last year taught the team a lot of lessons that will help this year’s contestants.

He said:

“Because of what happened last year with Susan, we are aware of what can happen to people. So 12 months later you approach it in a very, very different way and you are aware that pressure can do all sorts of things to people.

“You are hyper, hyper aware of any audition you do. You have to feel they can cope with what is coming if you put them through. They are under massive, massive scrutiny now and it is one of those things.

“But you have got to look at the show in the context of the country we live in.

“You look across the estates and you see people being mugged. We go into these shows not with a mean spirit, but with a view to trying to change people’s lives forever. If you win the show or get to the final, you are going to make a ton of money.

“I’m glad I gave Susan the opportunity. I wouldn’t change that because we are helping her live her dreams, we are giving her a shot.

“We are not setting people up to have a miserable life. With everything bad that is going on in the world, we need to accept the show for what it is – funny, eccentric, wacky, with good and bad moments. We want to give everyone a break. And we want people to sit back at home, enjoy it and have some fun.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!