Simon Cowell launching Got Talent in Afghanistan!


Simon Cowell really has no limitations and it’s been revealed that he’s launching a brand new version of his Got Talent format, in war torn Afghanistan.

The music mogul has negotiated a deal with channel 1TV and the series will start later this year. It has been revealed that auditions are already taking place all around the country, while bosses are continuing their hunt for a presenter to front the show.

A source told The Sun that Cowell believes the series can work anywhere, in any country of the world and explained:

“Simon has always believed Got Talent can work anywhere, because — no matter where you are — people have amazing talents.”

In fact the X Factor boss thinks the opportunity to shine and see the more positive side to their nation will help the Afghanistan people and the insider added:

“There may be a war raging in Afghanistan — but people are still living their lives and they enjoy watching TV just like anyone else.”

afghanistan's got talent

Contestants will include members of the general public but could also include soldiers and those involved in the conflict and peace keeping duties.

The source added:

“Rules are being drawn up but there is a possibility troops will be allowed to enter — assuming they can get permission.”

Forces are perfectly placed to take part, as already regular talent nights and competitions are hosted at army bases around the country.

Afghan channel 1TV is one of the less strict TV channels and already airs various light entertainment shows, many of which feature women in lead roles, this can often be frowned upon by stricter sections of the nation’s society.


When the Got Talent series kicks off, Afghanistan will be the 58th country to adapt Simon Cowell’s format, with the show already airing in countries such as Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, China, Chile, Ukraine, South Korea, Estonia, India, Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

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