Susan Boyle is being stalked!

by Lisa McGarry

Susan Boyle is reportedly being stalked by a fan, claiming to be a relative.

The Britain’s Got Talent star is said to be terrified, after the crazed man got hold of her personal phone number and began calling her regularly.

Boyle’s brother Gerry told The News Of The World that the problem isn’t a new one. He said:

“He is calling Susan and pretending to be me or other relatives. It’s been going on for a while. Susan knows who I am when I get on the phone. She never mistakes me for him.”

He added: “There are some weird people around. But this one is stalking her and has got her number. It is serious. Stalkers can become dangerous.”

Gerry went on to criticise Susan’s management team, saying that they aren’t investing enough money in her safety and security.

“Susan knows having stalkers goes with the territory,” he said. “She’s massively well known so having people interested in her is going to happen. It’s down to her management to work it out for her. How has someone been able to contact her?

“Our family have very serious reservations about whether she has enough security at the moment. She needs protection or it’s a matter of time.”

Gerry added: “Mark Chapman killed John Lennon because he knew he was an easy target with no security. That’s the same as Susan right now. I’ve been telling them that for ages. It is scary.”


Lisa McGarry

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