Susan Boyle living on £300 per week!

Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle is living on a measly £300 per week, according to her brother.

Gerry Boyle reports that despite having earned £10 million in the last year, Susan’s cash is being closely guarded by her management team and her access to the funds is greatly restricted. Gerry also revealed that Susan can’t even afford to furnish her new home and has been forced to remain in her old council house due to lack of money.

He told The News Of The World:

“When Susan realised she can’t just walk into a bank and take out her own money she had a fit because she thought she was down to her last few quid.

“Her millions are ring-fenced but Susan has no concept of money. She was extremely distressed. She lives in fear of losing everything and returning to her old life before she made it big.”

“Susan said to me, ‘I’ve been told I get £300 a week because I’m a novice. I don’t have the money to go and buy the furniture.’

“So she’s still stuck in the small council house where we all grew up. She should be able to walk into a bank anywhere and say she wants £50,000 cash. That may not be advisable, but it would be HER choice because it’s HER money.

“Susan is baffled about money. All she wants to do is sing. So we asked the questions that should have been asked a while ago. WHY doesn’t she even have a credit card? WHY does she feel she doesn’t have control over her finances?

“Susan isn’t financially astute but she IS worried about her situation. She looks very distraught at the moment. And we’ve got worries about her safety, too. She visits the local Tesco most days all on her own. So we raised concerns about security with her management.

“Susan doesn’t look as if she’s a successful international chart star. She’s lonely and downtrodden. And she’s got this paranoia that she’s going to go back to square one, back to where she was before Britain’s Got Talent.”

Gerry thinks that one person who could allay Susan’s fears would be BGT boss Simon Cowell. He said:

“Susan’s under the impression that her management can take her career away. Obviously that’s not the case. But I’ve asked for someone Susan trusts at Syco – even Simon himself – to simply confirm she will NOT lose her contract. I still hold the view THAT is the key to Susan’s state of mind.

“She should be riding high, developing her career, travelling the world. She shouldn’t be worried about money when she has millions in the bank.”

Last night a spokeswoman for Cowell’s company SyCo said: “Finances are handled directly between an artist and their management, therefore we do not comment on such matters.”


Lisa McGarry

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