Tobias Mead moves from Dirty Dancing to Britain’s Got Talent

22 year old Tobias Mead has swapped Living TV’s Dirty Dancing The Time Of Your Life for Britain’s Got Talent and viewers will see him wow the judging panel on tonight’s launch show.

Speaking to Ant & Dec, the dancer who previously competed on Living’s reality TV show Dirty Dancing The Time Of Your Life, admitted that his father had wanted him to pursue a career in football and his decision to concentrate on his dancing has led to a family split and him losing contact with his brothers. He said:

He says: “When I was younger, I used to play a lot of football and my dad really wanted me to make something out of it.

“I played for my town, my county and had trials for Southampton.

“He had high hopes for me to be a footballer.

“He really wanted me to do something with it. There were arguments and discussion but I wanted to pursue dance.

“I don’t speak to my brothers any more because I dance – which I think is stupid.

“But as the arguments grew and we grew, we got further and further apart.”

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden went gooey eyed when she first set eyes on Tobias and instead of asking what his act was, she asked:

‘Do you have a girlfriend?’

Unfortunately the girls out there will be gutted to hear that he does.

Tobias then embarked on what has to be one of the best dance routines we have ever seen on a TV show. Wearing a hoody backwards, so that the hood covered his face, Tobias wore a mask on the back of his head and completed at least half of his routine backwards, causing Ant McPartlin to comment:

‘That kind of messes with your mind a bit….’

The judges loved it too. Amanda gushed:

“I was honestly blown away by that. It’s as if your body was made out of liquid!”

Simon Cowell added:

“Every so often someone comes along who is just brilliant! You are really really super talented! People will like you, girls will love you. Easiest yes I’ve given today!”

Tobias is a former student of London’s Stella Mann College of Performing Arts and has previously appeared as a backing dancer with the gorgeous Take That. Check out a clip of Tobias dancing on the Living TV show below.

Lisa McGarry

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