X Factor’s Tulisa Contostavlos confirmed to perform on this week’s Britain’s Got Talent and she’s missing N Dubz!

Tulisa Contostavlos has confirmed that she will be performing on the first live episode of Britain;s Got Talent 2012.

The ITV series moves into it’s live rounds this Sunday evening and the X Factor judge will take to the stage during the semi final and perform her debut solo single ‘Young’ in front of the studio audience and judges.

Being used to appearing on prime time TV, you would assume that the brunette beauty would take the whole thing in her stride, however she admitted that she is terrified about the upcoming appearance and told Lorraine Kelly:

“I’ll be performing this weekend, it’s very scary, words cannot express how nervous I am. They won’t judge me openly but there will be a lot of judging going on.”

Tulisa of course is used to performing as part of a group and confessed that while she finds it more relaxing to be a solo artist, she does miss the support of her former boyfriend Fazer and cousin Dappy when she is on stage.

She added:

“Being solo is a lot more relaxing, without Dappy and Fazer causing madness around me but it’s a lot more scary, very scary. Performance wise it really gets me, without them beside me it’s really nerve wracking.”

During the interview, Tulisa vaguely addressed her recent sex tape scandal also. She is currently in the middle of legal proceedings against her ex boyfriend Justin Edwards, who she claims leaked the video to the internet and this morning, the X Factor judge confessed that she has had to rethink her friends, her circle and her life, since the sordid clip became public.

She said:

“I definitely have changed my circle now. It’s a shame because I have to be wary about who I talk to. It’s all to a complete new level now.”

However, while she is constantly in the public eye and constantly judged on where she goes, who she is with and what she wears, Contostavlos insisted that one thing she never worries about is fashion or what people think of her clothes.

She laughed:

“I never worry about fashion, ever. I can’t even explain to you the extent of how I never worry about fashion. I know what I like and me and my stylist work together. Fashion isn’t important, it should be fun and creative.”

Watch Tulisa performing Young at G-A-Y last weekend.

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