Big Brother’s Josie Gibson scared of gaining weight after boob job!

josie gibson

After recently shedding six stone, former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson is scared of gaining weight after having a boob job as she wont be able to excise.

After winning Big Brother Josie Gibson went on to lose a staggering six stone in a stunning transformation, stunning fans with her impressive figure in photoshoots and on TV.

However she was very unhappy with the size of her boobs after the weight loss and it even affected her love life so she decided to get a boob job.


Though after having the procedure done, Josie is to be scared of piling the pounds back. In her column for New! magazine she wrote:  “I had my boob job last Thursday and am recovering at home. I got quite nervous on the day, but my surgeon, Alex Karidis, put me completely at ease. Right after the operation I felt a little achy – but I was given morphine for the pain so I was off my nut! Luke came to pick me up in his van and is looking after me.”

She went on to say: “My biggest worry is that I will put on weight during my recovery period. I won’t be able to exercise properly for six weeks, so I’m s**tting it! I usually exercise two or three times a week, but if I don’t do that, the weight piles back on.”I can put on a couple of pounds in a day. It’s a constant battle. I have to watch what I eat and work out because otherwise, wham – the weight goes back on!”

Looks like Josie will have to stick on her fitness DVD when she recovers and carry on her exercise regime in order to keep her fabulous new look.

Watch a clip from Josie’s work out DVD below.




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