Celebrity Big Brother 2017 final voting figures revealed

by Emily H

The all-important voting statistics have been revealed from last night’s Celebrity Big Brother 2017 final have been revealed.

Host Emma Willis confirmed before the final housemates were evicted during the live show on August 25 that voting was *super* close, and she wasn’t lying.

Channel 5 have now unveiled the official statistica and percentages from last night and there really was just a few percent between the results. And we mean just a few.

According to figures provided by the network, Sarah got 35.33% of the public vote as viewers voted for their winner, while runner-up Amelia Lily came in a very close second and got 29.92% of the votes. That means there was just over 5% of the votes between them. Eeep.

As for the rest of the figures, they were pretty close too.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sam Thompson

Courtesy of Channel 5

Third place finisher Sam Thompson wasn’t THAT close to coming in second, but did manger to get 14.8% of the public vote.

Things were a little closer towards the bottom though.

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Derek Acorah received 8.92% of the votes to win, which was just over 3% more than Chad Johnson, who got on 5.48%. In fifth place was Jemma Lucy with 4.83%, which means she was SUPER close to coming in fourth place.

Sarah’s big win was met which both cheers and boos when she excited the house, after which she revealed why she wanted to take part in the show.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Red Team

Courtesy of Channel 5

“The main reason was to show everyone that I was just Sarah. I’ve been through ups and downs. I’m so grateful, it’s made me stronger and tougher,” the former Girls Aloud singer said during her chat with Emma.

She then added that taking part in CBB has made her “a stronger person” and has allowed her to “grow a thicker skin.”

See the big moment Sarah Harding was crowned the winner during CBB 2017 below;

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